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By In4anickel

Posted: Friday May 30 9:04:49PM 2008

It looks like Nordic is only down to 450 meters. They are heading for the Winnipegosis which is a deeper play. Apparently the drilling is a bit harder than in some other locations and takes longer. They are in limestone right now and expect that the speed of drilling downwards might actually go somewhat slower. The stock was off today in heavy volume. Someone it seems just dumped 800,000 shares in a hurry at about 11 a.m. The stock was above $0.60 for most of the morning. I became somewhat suspicious when later today I noticed a private placement for $2.4 million at $0.60 per share. Of course this could have been arranged a long time ago and that was the price that was fixed, or according to my suspicious mind, What happens if someone locks in a profit by selling at the higher price and receiving the shares and warrants at a fixed price. Nah Theory 2: purchase the private placement, sell the shares but keep the warrants. The warrants provide all the upside leverage but virtually no risk. Even if this drilling comes up totally empty it appears the company will at least be in quite good financial shape after these private placements. This should mitigate a lot of the risk in the stock. In for a nickel

By In4anickel

Posted: Friday May 2 6:59:30PM 2008

Today at 2:30 pm Nordic O.G. announced that they had obtained environmental permits for the Preeceville area. Drilling will commence as soon as a rig can be brought on site. The company will begin clearing the site in preparation for the rig. Finally! The stock was up 20% on the news with over 600,000 shares trading. Over 400,000 of those shares traded in the last 90 minutes of trading. In other news today. Canada Post unveiled a new stamp edition in Oil springs today commemorating 150 years of oil history. They drilled seeps back then and started the $8.5 billion per day business rolling. (and that is just the crude side) More oil has been found by drilling oil seeps than by any other method. In 4 a nickel

By In4anickel

Posted: Thursday Dec 27 6:47:51PM 2007

If you liked the stock on Wednesday you would have had to love it today. Nordic hit a new high of $0.69 and closed at $0.68. Thats a pretty darn good run from September when it was $0.17! I am holding until I see some drilling results, which will take at a couple of months I imagine. By the way, the last press release from Nordic said that results from the University of Saskatchewan were anticipated shortly. In4anickel

By paperperson

Posted: Wednesday Dec 26 4:02:57PM 2007

Superb thread on oil seeps! I bought some NOG after reading this thread. Very happy with the spec. One great point made here was that the company has value even if the seeps turn out to be a bust. Already producing some coal bed methane with more coming on stream soon. Regards, Michael

By In4anickel

Posted: Thursday Nov 8 6:57:14AM 2007 Oil_Production.html Oil Springs, Ontario. Interestingly enough there is also a town in Texas called Oil Springs. Some oil seeped naturally to the earth’s surface and formed shallow pools. These oil seeps had long been known about and used for medicinal purposes, to caulk boats and buildings and to lubricate machinery. But they were not commonly used as a fuel, as the oil had foul-smelling fumes. Better refining techniques and surging demand for kerosene and lubricants in the late 19th century changed this. Canada would be thrust to the forefront of commercial oil production when James Williams drilled the first oil well in North America in 1857. The first commercial oil well was situated in the southwestern Ontario town of Oil Springs. Williams acquired some property that was known to have oil gum beds. He dug through the gum beds in search of the source of the oily deposits, and discovered crude oil. This first oil well was simply a hole in the ground with oil rising up close to the surface. With the use of hand pumps, the oil was extracted at a rate of 37 barrels of oil per day. The timing of this discovery could not have been better. Its commercial potential was enormous, and Williams realized it. As news of his discovery spread, prospectors from both Canada and the United States flooded into Oil Springs. The value of land jumped, and an oil boom was under way. By 1861, approximately 400 wells were producing oil in the area. Oil Springs benefited from this new-found wealth. People became rich from oil, and this provided Oil Springs with the first paved street in Canada. The village’s main street was also lit at night by oil lamps. In the early 1860s, so much oil was being produced that 20 refineries built in the area could not handle the volume. Crude oil was being shipped to other cities in Canada and the United States, and even as far away as Great Britain.

By In4anickel

Posted: Thursday Nov 8 7:36:55AM 2007

30 BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY OR 3.5 MILLION? Until it is drilled no one knows. I do not pretend to have the geologic knowledge of the area nor do I know what age the basement rocks are of the area. I remember vaguely about the area being the base of ancient mountains which have been peneplained in the ensuing eons. The Kirkuk Oil fields have an estimated 10 billion barrels remaining. It was discovered by oils seepages which made it to the surface, and was accorded special status by the local population. NorthIraqOilResources.pdf+kirkuk+oil+seepage&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6&gl=ca Many super-giant oilfields are contained within structural closuresalong these trends. To the north and east thesediments in the deeper parts of the basin werefolded along northwest to southeast trends Accordingly oil fields of Kurdistan (Northern Iraq)are elongated in a northwest-southeast orientationand parallel to folding axes of the folded zone.Most of the oil in Kurdistan is produced from theLate Jurassic formations, which is composed ofpermeablecarbonates(Ooliticlimestone)alternating with shale, dolomites and anhydrites. Italso contains organically rich carbonates thataccumulated under anaerobic conditions as thesea transgressed the region in Mid-Jurassic time.Jurassicsedimentationconcludedwithdepositional cycles consisting of shallow marinecarbonate sequence overlain by anhydrite 3- Kurdistan Jurassic FormationsFive districts in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) havebeen chosen to be representing the Jurassicdepositional basin, table 1 and fig. 1. JurassicSuccession in Kirkuk (M.P.C well K-109), KoiSanjak, Surdash and Sirwan-Balambo districtsconsists of same formation as in Amadia. The oilrich formations in Kirkuk oil fields known as Kirkuk group (first pay layers), which is belongs to theOligocene. Kirkuk group forms sequence of reef-controlled sediments, in which three separatecycles can be distinguished, table 2.

By In4anickel

Posted: Friday Nov 16 11:15:18AM 2007

Since my last message was posted the stock has put on $0.14 more or less. It is now trading at $0.465 on 700,000 plus shares. A new high for the year! Thanks for starting the original posting, Bobwins

By In4anickel

Posted: Thursday Nov 8 6:13:47AM 2007

Congratulations Bob! You can argue with a profit. I am going to stick with this one a while longer. Personally I think it might turn into a ten bagger. The reason oil seeps are interesting; first the company was expecting gas, not oil from this property. 2nd oil seeps are what has led to major historical discoveries. The first drilled well in Canada if not the world was discovered by an oil seep in Oil Springs Ontario. They have also been found in Kirkut Iraq as well as other major fields such as the tar sands of Fort McMurray. At present there is a junior investigating oil seeps in Newfoundland. The area Nordic has around Preeceville is large 80% of 137,000 acres, has not been well explored (no pun intended, but I liked it after I wrote it). The area is somewhat off the beaten track may be a fault formed structural trap, which has somewhat different dynamics than oil formed in some localised depression. I think also that the volume especially compared to its usual volume speaks for some interest especially in such a down market as we experienced yesterday. Good luck with your profits, as of yesterday it appears there are some real bargains out there in which to redeploy them! 4 a nickel

By knobizumi

Posted: Wednesday Nov 7 4:52:44PM 2007

Doubles are good. Congrats bobwins.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Nov 7 10:24:45AM 2007

cheap is good!! Nog.v +.14 to C$.32

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