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Oil and Gas Comparison Charts

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By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 1:42:34PM 2005

I would love to post a net asset value calculation but firstly, very few companies report it on a quarterly basis and only about half report it at year end. Secondly, the number is completely outdated within a 3 month time frame from when a company actually does post it. The figure can be calculated but it is a monumental task to get recent reserve valuations plus an estimate for land, seismic, etc... Perhaps a column giving the net asset value for those that provide it would encourage other companies to provide the information as well. Something to consider for our next charts. We contacted all of the companies that are included in the charts to provide them with an opportunity to post a 2-page corporate profile. A fee was paid to post these profiles which is a means for us to recoup some of the cost it takes to assemble and publish these charts. The profiles are also an excellent way for investors to view additional information about a company that is already included in the charts. QIS Capital does not endorse any of the companies that are included in the charts and as usual - our goal is to provide as much information as possible. Doren

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 12:18:40PM 2005

We have recently completed the latest oil and gas comparison charts for the 9 and 3 months ended September 30, 2005. This quarter we have also included company profiles in the charts as well as full comparitive graphs for all of the different categories. To view the charts, you can go to the Research section of the website or use the following link: Please provide us with you comments and feedback. Doren

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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We are pleased to publish the PowerPoint presentations from The Small-Cap Conferences that were held in Calgary on March 30, 2016 and in Vancouver on May 3, 2016.

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