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By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday May 24 7:29:41AM 2016

Company announced expansion of facility by leasing 2 adjacent buildings. Company claims it will allow rev to increase to as much as 30 million US. Perhaps the company is finally moving on up in terms of revenue.    

By cjack

Posted: Tuesday May 17 9:12:50AM 2016

I noticed that their CFO resigned.  That guy has been with the company for 15 years.  Any thoughts on this?  Trading at $1.31 which puts it back in the attractive range, although I have not yet taken the bait.

By murrayn

Posted: Saturday Apr 9 7:11:24PM 2016

 They are attempting to take the company to a higher level. Website actually has been updated a bit. They still don't have their pr act together. If the revenue and earnings improve in a material way and if they can put together a few quarters like that then the share price ought to improve. I can think of a number of microcaps that lanquished for years before they pulled out of their funk--Questor, Pacific Insight come to mind. Time will tell.        

By cjack

Posted: Friday Apr 8 1:41:10PM 2016

My problem with this stock is that I bought it 16 years ago at something like 1.50 and then 8 years ago at something like 1.50 and today it's at about 1.50.  I don't see them growing very significantly beyond their small niche business.  It might be 30%-40% undervalued but if there is no promise of an exit strategy, what microcap investor is going to drive the price up to "valued" without a stronger growth story?   Do you really think something has changed?

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Apr 6 8:08:33AM 2016

Does anyone follow this company? The business outlook appears better than ever but the share price lanquishes.  The year end numbers come out end of April. It trades under book value (1.95 cdn a share) and a current p/e of 9 based on my projected earnings for the year. The company recently announced that its book to billl is 1.5 to 1 and backlog almost twice what it was at start of 2015.  I get the sense they have changed their focus to improve margins by striking better deals with their customers by cutting out the middleman. Time will tell if this strategy has worked.       

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