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on the understanding we are days away from the 2008 top in oil...

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By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 30 11:38:25AM 2008 US$1.65 Cashflow positive holding company designed to hold wind power assets worldwide. Very liquid, with shares trading over 3million/day in Australia. They have a pending sale of European assets that could add $1 cash to balance sheet to reduce debt. They paid A$.075 for the last six months dividend. So .145 divided by 1.65 = ~9% dividend I like this because it making money NOW. Over a billion market cap. Safe way to play alternative energy but still has upside. Bobwins

By murrayn

Posted: Friday May 30 10:20:56AM 2008

I have been looking for investing opportunities in the alternative energy sector. I recently came across a company called Avalon ventures It trades on the TSX under the symbol AVL. They are exploring for rare earth elements and they have a large land position in the Northwest Territories. Apparently it has the potential to be one the largest sites for rare earth elements outside of China. Rare earth elements are in increasingly heavy demand for use in hybrid cars, wind energy and other specialized products.

By woodstove

Posted: Friday May 23 7:10:37AM 2008

My theory ... those new vehicles have to be built, and auto parts is very unloved presently. Some of the soundly financed companies will survive (likely most will survive). And very many are discount stocks.

By phil

Posted: Thursday May 22 5:39:57PM 2008

Good thread. I have been twichy for a few weeks and have been selling GBE (now effectively off the market with a $2.80 takeover offer)and RXR on the way up. I still have a bunch of RXR and wonder if I should unload and try to enter again later in the summer? As to oil vs electric & uranium, I wonder if there is any interest in starting an alternate energy post? Is anyone following any wave energy stocks (Finavera FVR), solar plays (Arise Technologies Corp APV), wind energy (Western Wind Energy, WWD)? Along with the speculation there appear to be some companies that have made it to the production and installation phase of their opperations and may be good long term investment opportunities. I have just started researching and have no holdings at this time.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday May 22 1:01:45PM 2008

Bobwins I think the runup is largely based on the fear of future shortages of oil. Once the talking heads begin talking about the likely reduction in future demand then the price will decline quickly. In 2012 there will be cars on the road that will not need any gas if one drives less than 30 miles a day. That is amazing and its soon. And if the price of gas drops the demand for electric cars will continue because of the environmental requirements. Governments will legislate much higher fuel efficiency. Buy long term puts in large cap oil companies. Go log on electricity producers. Here comes the future.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday May 22 9:17:17AM 2008

With electric cars coming on board in 2010 the price of oil is going to get clipped in a big way. I bet in 2 years we see oil at $50/barrel. Cars account for about half of the use of oil. Once the market realizes that oil demand for cars will be considerably reduced then we will get the big drop. This year may be the "peak price" for oil ( pun intended). Smart investors are now looking at the non-oil energy sector. Uranium, the stuff that makes the batteries etc for the next growth areas. Murray Nightingale

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