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By dundee

Posted: Tuesday Apr 29 2:07:09PM 2008

just to confirm to absolutely everyone on this forum, I have NEVER posted under any name other than dundee. I have nothing to hide. (I am not Mr.Berkshire)

By elephant

Posted: Tuesday Apr 29 1:43:22PM 2008

to:MR.Dundee I bet you could be Mr.Berkshire. I never post on stock house but I have some friends who are also shareholders with Jemtec...they live in Ontario.

By dundee

Posted: Monday Apr 28 5:12:16PM 2008

Elephant, yes, what name do you post under on stockhouse forum?

By elephant

Posted: Monday Apr 28 3:17:28PM 2008

to:Dundee Maybe you are refering to my name... I am Super elephant 321 at bullboard(Jemtec forum)

By elephant

Posted: Monday Apr 28 3:14:01PM 2008

to Dundee: What does it means...the word handles? sorry I missunderstand your question...very bad english. Could you be a little bit more explicite with other words...

By mrjones321

Posted: Sunday Apr 27 9:05:02PM 2008

Thank you for your time Doren to respond to Elephant. I am going to make it easier on all of you here by just not responding to this guy. We all know who he is. There is no secret here. I agree with you about how some here have an agenda(bash/make false claims). I have always been transparent and I really do not need to be dragged into this silly banter so he will get no more responses back from me. Sorry to all the board members here that have had to read this banter between myself and Elephant.

By dundee

Posted: Sunday Apr 27 9:54:51AM 2008

Elephant, what is your handle on Stockhouse forum?

By dundee

Posted: Saturday Apr 26 9:16:17PM 2008

Seems pretty clear why certain postings have been deleted. I think most of us have had the odd posting nuked by the administrators, and rightfully so (yes, even me). "This is a public discussion forum intended for private investors looking to share research ideas, and to otherwise help educate each other in regards to the stock market. QIS Capital is not responsible for any comments or claims made by third parties. Off-topic postings or those containing inappropriate language or personal attacks may be edited or removed by the forum administrators. Thank you for your co-operation. Please enjoy our forum."

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

CLICK HERE to view the presentations from the Spring 2016 Small-Cap Conferences.

We are pleased to publish the PowerPoint presentations from The Small-Cap Conferences that were held in Calgary on March 30, 2016 and in Vancouver on May 3, 2016.

We encourage investors to review the presentations and contact the companies with any further questions.

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