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Orvana (ORV)...again

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By mlmack

Posted: Thursday Aug 14 5:21:20PM 2008

Earnings out, $.06 / share for third quarter ended June 30th. Now $.76 in cash for a $.60 stock (all cash in Sweden and Canada). Current mine going for another 6 quarters and mine life extended another year from Los Tojos. Any gold stocks out there more under-priced???

By mlmack

Posted: Thursday May 15 2:33:22AM 2008

Great results again !!! - Net income of $7.1 million ($0.06 per share) compared to net income of $7.7 million($0.07 per share) for the same quarter a year ago; - Cash provided by operating activities amounted to $9.3 million for thesecond quarter of fiscal 2008 compared to $5.6 million for the secondquarter of fiscal 2007; - Production of 19,988 ounces at a total cash cost of $244.80 per ounce and sales of 20,644 ounces of goldin the second quarter ended March 31, 2008, compared to 22,538 ouncesproduced at a total cash cost of $143.22 per ounce and 23,201 ouncessold in the quarter ended March 31, 2007; - Revenues of $19.1 million for the second quarter fiscal 2008 compared to $15.0 million for the second quarter fiscal 2007; - Cash and cash equivalents of $76.7 million at March 31, 2008; ($.667/share), stock at $.71) - Hired Mr. Bill Williams as Vice President, Corporate Development.

By mlmack

Posted: Tuesday May 13 7:51:26AM 2008

Somethings up, stock up with large bids coming in, earnings report due out this week. Any rumours out there?

By doogie

Posted: Friday Dec 28 8:42:17AM 2007

Thanks for your comments, guys. Greatly appreciated!

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Dec 27 8:25:58PM 2007

thanks for the further insight Rodball!

By billy

Posted: Thursday Nov 29 5:46:38PM 2007

Orvana announced year end numbers this evening (after markets closed). Record numbers all around. Earnings of $0.23 per share; stock closed at $0.80. Still, by far the cheapest gold miner out there! Will we once again start heading towards Meissels target? Orvana Reports Record Production, Cash Provided by Operating Activities and a 64% Increase in Earnings Per Share for Fiscal 2007 17:15 EST Thursday, November 29, 2007 TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2007) - Orvana Minerals Corp. (TSX:ORV) announced record earnings today with net income of US$26.0 million (US$0.23 per share) on revenues of US$55.9 million for the year ended September 30, 2007 ("fiscal 2007" or "2007") compared to net income of US$15.7 million (US$0.14 per share) on revenues of US$44.9 million for the year ended September 30, 2006 ("fiscal 2006" or "2006"). Cash provided by operating activities amounted to US$31.5 million in fiscal 2007 compared to US$24.7 million in 2006. Dollar amounts in the remainder of this news release are in thousands of United States dollars unless stated otherwise, and fine troy ounces of gold are referred to as "ounces". The Company produced 86,381 ounces of gold and sold 86,322 ounces in the year ended September 30, 2007 compared to 80,028 ounces produced and 79,621 ounces sold in fiscal 2006. Orvana President and Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Mirabal said, "We are obviously very pleased with the results from our fourth full year of commercial operation at the Don Mario Mine, with gold production at 86,381 ounces, an increase of 8% over last year. Compared to last year, all key measures of financial performance showed improvement: revenues increased by 25%; net income increased by 66%; earnings per share increased by 64%; and cash flow from operating activities increased by 27%. We remain long-term debt-free.

By mlmack

Posted: Friday Oct 19 6:22:06PM 2007

Orvana today announced a successful drilling program at Las Tojas which will extend the current mining until at least the end of 2010. More drilling in 2008 to sure up reserves. Once the LMZ and Las Tojas are depeleted, they will begin mining the UMZ which is more of a base metal deposit and will require the mill to be converted for the change in mineralization. The next quarters financials should be spectacular with the current price of gold.

By sherwood

Posted: Monday Oct 1 4:01:41PM 2007

At close to a double, I know I should probably pare back some, but with gold at the price it is, their cash growing steadily (about mid 50s cash?), announcement due of feasibility study results on UMZ (or is it LMZ?), financials, possible acquisition, and so on, I still think this could see lots more upside. Thanks again, rodball. Any other jr. goldminers worth mention? Will jr. golds start to run as uranium stocks did in the past?

By billy

Posted: Monday Oct 1 7:57:24AM 2007

Another day, more highs. Currently at $1.08. Should any positive news about their feasibility study or acquisition, etc. come out, things could get even more interesting.

By rodball

Posted: Thursday Sep 27 4:28:00PM 2007

Yes, he had a $1.20 price target based on his technical analysis.

By mrjones321

Posted: Thursday Sep 27 1:01:36PM 2007

It was mentioned as a strong buy on BNN. I forget this french fellows name who was on today but he said that it has consolidated nicely and look for the start of a nice rise possibly to new highs

By sherwood

Posted: Friday Sep 7 10:00:05AM 2007

Up another $0.04 today, now at $0.87, after hitting $0.89, just shy of its 52 wk high of $0.90 on no news. Investors just tuning into story? A nice 50%+ return since mid August. Thanks for bringing it to the board.

By doogie

Posted: Thursday Sep 6 12:23:50PM 2007

ORV up 0.05 to 0.82 today. Congrats to those that got in in the low 60s when it was first mentioned here. I wish I had joined you!

By rodball

Posted: Thursday Aug 16 8:16:15PM 2007

I saw it at $0.59 and had to restrain myself from buying more. At any rate, should the carnage or at least weakness in junior resources continue for any length of time, mining assets/properties will be able to be had at bargain basement prices (relative to a few weeks ago) as many cash strapped juniors attempt to raise funds in very difficult, trying market conditions. It bodes well for debt free, cash rich companies "on the prowl" like Orvana! All the best tomorrow, everyone! Have a good night.

By mlmack

Posted: Friday Aug 10 9:07:04AM 2007

Another quarter, another $.07/share in earnings. Looks like this may be trading at a P/E of less than 3 by the end of the year.

By sherwood

Posted: Thursday Jul 19 2:40:20PM 2007

Interesting day. The first time in about 5 mths that the stock closed over 0.70 (0.71), after hitting 0.75 on over 300000 shares. Looking forward to tomorrow.

By sherwood

Posted: Tuesday Jul 10 9:15:53PM 2007

ORV currently at $0.67 with no debt, about $0.40 cash/share (adding 2.5 mil. US per mth) and still trading under 5x earnings?

By suntor

Posted: Monday May 21 6:39:06PM 2007

I owned this stock before but got out because of the political situation. One thing about John Embry (Sprott Asset Management) and ORV. Embry memtioned ORV many times. Sprott bought 600,000 shares of ORV about one year ago and the price was $0.85.

By argyguy

Posted: Monday May 21 8:21:15AM 2007

From Wall Sreet J.,today, a high official in Bolivia said government plans to increase earnings tax for mine cos. from 35 to 50 %. Not good new, but at least seems they are not thinking in "expropiacion" as in oil and gas. Argy.

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