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OUR Top 3 Holdings

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By Dul

Posted: Wednesday Dec 14 11:14:24PM 2005

My top 3 holdings for the past three years : SDT.UN....Sentry Select Diversified Income Fund (Closed end fund)....5 year compound total rate of return of 20 % pa. EIT.UN ...Enervest Income Fund (CE fund) CI Signature High Income Fund (open ended mutual fund)

By phil

Posted: Tuesday Dec 13 4:38:10PM 2005

I have been following Doren since his days with Al. I am a true amature and realy appreciate this forum for quality opinions. My top 3 holdings are WLL.U first purchased at .32 a share before a 10 to 1 and conversion to a trust. NEI & XPD. RGY was in that group until I sold 75% at a 100% profit at $2.05 with no regrets. Thank you Doren and the rest for a great place to listen and learn. Have a great Christmas all and good trading!! Phil

By merlin

Posted: Monday Dec 12 7:44:19PM 2005

Mine are HYD, IAU (tonight announced a merger, more like a takeover, with an Aussie mining co.) and ZCO.

By tanny

Posted: Monday Dec 12 6:11:30PM 2005

Currently invested in CWPC,, Canwest Petroleum,, speculative oilsands play.. In at $2.00, hope to hold for awhile still. Just sold out of Rider Resource which did well for me.. Looking at RIX as well.

By DaveB

Posted: Monday Dec 12 3:18:37PM 2005


By mel

Posted: Monday Dec 12 12:26:12PM 2005

My current top 3 holdings are: Zapata Energy (ZCO) ConSpace (CCB) Rival (RGY)

By chum

Posted: Monday Dec 12 12:13:00PM 2005

My top 3 Arc Energy Trust up over 100% UTS +94% CVQ +68% Norm

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Dec 12 9:56:57AM 2005

Top 3: Northwest Fund Units: NWF.UN Operates all Giant Tiger March Networks: MN Security Digital camera surveillance Mosaid: MSD Computer chipsets All three trade on TSE


Posted: Sunday Dec 11 6:13:21AM 2005

My Top three are: Northern Star (NSM.v) - Expcted to be in gold production summer 2006. Right next door to Agnico-Eagle. Trading sub-0.50 at the moment. Raydan Manufacturing (RDN.v) - Been in this for a while. Shares tucked away, as 2006 will be a good year I think. Hyduke (HYD.v) - Just got into this one, as it seems undervalued and a bit oversold.

By ed3636

Posted: Saturday Dec 10 10:14:53PM 2005

My top 3 are ILI, RDN, and GRV. ILI is making a good comeback and I think it will grow steadily,however it has the potential to explode overnight with one big contract. RDN is a wait til the next 2nd 1/4,if they get their production in Mexico online. GRV could be huge and will climb when they get their Italian gas play up nad running. GRV also has North sea and offshore sicilian oil plays that could make it huge. One of my favorites is TEL a diamond exploration co out of Kelowna. I have bought in at 20 cents and sell some at 25-26 cents, a nice profit, BUT if these guys hit and they seem like they have a good chance of doing so, then I will retire and support an overseas orphanage. This one is worth looking into as with a small investment the return could be truly huge. Hope all do well and thanks for all your advice Doren and Josh ED

By Brooman

Posted: Saturday Dec 10 3:56:59PM 2005

My portfolio currently only contains 4 stocks. They are Bison, Platform, Rival, and Richards Oil and Gas. I manage my portfolio quite aggressively trying to cut my losses as soon as I can (no more than 25%-30%) and let my profits run. I bought Bison at 2.35 sold a third of my position at 6.20 and now just waiting to get bought out at 8.65. Bought Platform at 0.37 and just letting it run for now. Rival I bought initially at 0.95 and again on a dip at 1.32. I will sell a quarter of my position when I hit 100% gain and let the rest run. Richards I bought after a tip at 1.05 and again will sell a quarter of my position when I hit 100% gain and let the rest run. Unlike the people that posted before me, I am all in and wish that I had access to additional funds.

By Gee

Posted: Saturday Dec 10 12:12:17PM 2005

My top 3 are as follows: NCF.UN ... (Added another 2K on Friday on the dip). HYD ... Q2 will be released soon and Westwind will be promoting. XMC ... Q4 out Jan 13.

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