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Pacific Insight EPS and Revenue Forcast

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By westslope

Posted: Tuesday May 9 8:24:30AM 2006

Share buybacks are a peer-reviewed, documented buy signal.

By valueman

Posted: Monday May 8 5:19:24PM 2006

Stupid question. At what market cap does this stock start getting followed by people that matter. OK, I own a lot of this stock. I am buying really hard, and i guess i have put some buying pressure on this stock. But is anyone besides retail clients interested in a 30 million dollare market cap company? At what market cap do we start seeing some real power power?? 2nd - what do you need to see for quarter earnings for you to buy more DUndee? Whould 15 cents eps be good enough for you to add to your postiion?

By dundee

Posted: Monday May 8 4:44:33PM 2006

Looks like PIH may be in the middle of another one of its "slow motion" breakouts. The bids came in a bit stronger today in around $5 - it seems that we may have broken the resistance at $5.00. There seesm to be minimal supply at present too. I think we could see this creep up slowly another 10% or so over the next few trading sessions.

By valueman

Posted: Monday May 8 5:15:41AM 2006

Dundee - great post. You appear to have a great history with the company. I look forward to discussing the next quarterly earnings. Maybe we can chat off-line one day. I am long a lot of this stock and any insight would be greatly appreaciated. thx

By valueman

Posted: Friday May 5 6:37:01PM 2006

Dundee - are you long a lot of stock? looking to buy more? you related to dundee securities?

By valueman

Posted: Friday May 5 12:10:56PM 2006

Agreed. If I am long a stock and the company is looking to buy back 30% of the float, I am sure not selling. They got an audit report indicating $2.50 was the fair value. Anyways, what do you think of the fundementals now?

By petedran

Posted: Friday May 5 9:38:26AM 2006

there was no obligation to tender your shares to the deal. in fact they did not buy back the maximum. As well some insiders did tenders their shares to the offer available on sedi. i dont see anything wrong with what they did.

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Canadian Small Caps

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