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picks for 2014

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By PAndreola

Posted: Monday Dec 23 12:54:11PM 2013

My top pick for 2014 is XX.V. Trading around $0.27 - $0.28

By mlmack

Posted: Friday Dec 20 1:56:26AM 2013

PHO.V - Photon Controls, growing revenues, clean balance sheet, no analyst coverage and unknown to the average investor. Very similar to Titan Logix in 2011, even in a similar industry. Thats my top pick for 2014.

By stocklad

Posted: Friday Dec 13 9:14:44AM 2013

My top pick would be LOY. I agree with next year's 8 cents/share earnings estimate.  Also, if successful (and it should be), their new student housing initiative has the potential to add one cent per share to earnings next year, another penny for the year after, etc. for several years.  More acquisitions are to come and the internal systems are in place to integrate them seamlessly.  More synergies to come.  More cross-selling opportunities to come.  Current underlying eps is in excess of 4 cents (probably around 5 cents) and that's without much from their largest acquisition ever.  Forget about the usual Venture Exchange P/E of 10ish, education companies typically get high P/Es.  I agree with the analysts' targets which are in the $1.30 range.  There will be some dilution as the acquisitions continue, but eps should outpace those by a big margin.  LOY is the dominant player in this niche in Canada.

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Dec 13 6:08:34AM 2013

I would also add Empire EIL. Better bank terms and larger loan facility is  always a sign of improving fundamentals.

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Dec 13 5:59:36AM 2013

I like VFF Village Farm Foods. I think their earnings will really crank up this year. A combination of 25% increase in the sale price of their biggest revenue producer( that will really goose up their gross margins) and improvments in productivity.

QST Questor: if they get the sales that I think they are capable of getting this one could really fly in 2014. Big volume buying by institutions in 2013 suggests the odds are good. Terrific buying opportunity the past couple of weeks. I added to my position.  

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Canadian Small Caps

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