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By jamesbond2509

Posted: Wednesday Jul 11 4:57:21PM 2007

Bobwins Im glad I have a small position in AOS. Im curious about PBG. I believe that AOS, once their resources is fully valuated they should have almost as much resource as PBG. That said, Im interested in how PBG can go to 100 in 2 years. please advise and as usual thanks!

By natureboy16

Posted: Thursday Jun 21 2:20:05PM 2007

dquinton, why did you choose EXEL? Just curious. And, do you know who Bounty is? How did they manage to lock up so much OS land? Thanks nb

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Tuesday Jun 5 9:45:27AM 2007

It has been a good day to average my position lower so I took another small position at 1.50.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday May 30 6:41:41AM 2007

Someone dumped PFM.v .40 at the open. I bought more at 1.79. I think it will bounce back over $2. This is a chance to buy PFM if you missed before. Currently 1.85. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday May 23 3:26:54PM 2007

jamesbond..... PFM is a tough one for me to recommend. They have not drilled their land yet so their reserve ballpark estimate of over a billion barrels of bitumen could be WAY OFF! We should get a better idea this winter after their 2007 drill program results are posted. That said, their land is close to PBG and STP, who have both drilled and found good thick reservoirs of bitumen. IF they do have over a billion barrels of bitumen, they are still way undervalued. Even a billion barrels at a buck/barrel means a huge increase in market cap is coming. That billion barrel estimate was not recoverable oil but gross oil in place. SAGD recovery is 25-70%. THAI is experimental but may lead to higher recoveries at less cost. I think PFM.v is going to follow STP and PBG up in value. STP is the closest comparison and is about 6-12months ahead of PFM. STP has about 1/2 the gross acreage so could end up valued at less than PFM. Longwinded answer. There are risks. STP.v is probably a little less risky due to the fact that their report on their initial drilling program is due next month. I think that all the tar sands stocks are going to go up. Every time another country like Venezuela raises taxes or confiscates property, Canadian tar sands look better. I would probably invest in PFM.v first because it is cheapest, with the least number of shares. Next I still love Petrobank. They have sky high p/e ratios but also sky high potential. Columbia is wide open and growing fast. Canada is going to double production by 12/07 and THAI could be a monster. Good luck. I am holding Pbg, STP and PFM for the long haul. Bobwins.

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Wednesday May 23 8:03:59AM 2007

Bobwins Im trying to establis an entry point into PFM - do you think 1.55 is a good start. Please advise Thanks!

By natureboy16

Posted: Friday May 18 11:36:34AM 2007

FTR: Accumulated 700K and have not sold any.

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 18 9:04:14AM 2007

Prospector.....I guess my reply is similar. You have your opinion, which you have every right to, and I have 61,000 shares of PFM.v. We can check back in a year and see which one is worth more. Bobwins

By dquinton

Posted: Friday May 18 8:55:52AM 2007

Speaking of all of the hype surrounding the tar sands - does anyone follow Excelsior (EXEL)? This is a company I picked up about 3 months ago in a private placement at $0.30. The company recently reported 19.2 million barrels of probable reserves to its working interest share. The stock has increased to $1.25 and remains strong. The valuations on these companies amaze me as the sector seems to have grabbed the spotlight recently.

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 17 10:06:32AM 2007

1 billion X 50% recovery=500 million barrels divided by PFM.v diluted share count of 41 million = $12.19 +.44 to C$1.53 Has twice the acreage of STP.v. May be worth picking some up in this range. Bobwins

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 11 11:03:55AM 2007

Wow!!! PFM.v +.29 to C$1.23 Nice pop on 1.36 million shares traded.

By Bobwins

Posted: Friday May 11 9:21:34AM 2007

PFM.v +.08 to C$1.02 on decent volume of 924K Tar Sands Plays have been great! Stp.v even at 2.55 +.21 at C$24.18 Bobwins

By natureboy16

Posted: Wednesday May 9 7:59:24AM 2007

Not sure what part of my last post Tara did not understand. I did say in the next six months, likely somewhere on the front end of that. This PFM story is just beginning. These junior oil sand companies are great asset plays. JMHO,GL nb discl: longer than before.

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Apr 16 2:43:16PM 2007

I like CLL. I missed buying it orginally because I thought the capex to build out a tar sands projects would be beyond them. Wrong! Then I missed again when they spun off their Petroleifa sub. Who wudda thunk they could hit so much oil is so short a time!!!! Now CLL is about to become a 10,000bpd producer from their tar sands project. Their stock has been recoverying. I like CLL better. Bobwins

By AHughes

Posted: Monday Apr 16 9:14:39AM 2007

Bobwins what do you think of UTS or CLL as tarsands plays?

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday Mar 29 6:04:10AM 2007

PFM.v Tar Sands? Platform proposes name change to Alberta Oil Sands Inc. and announces significant acquisition of oil sands lands 3/26/2007 CALGARY, Mar 26, 2007 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX News Network) -- /NOT FOR DISSEMINATION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA/ Platform Resources Inc. (TSXV: PFM) announces that it will propose a name change to "Alberta Oil Sands Inc." at its Annual General Meeting to be held in May 2007. The company will focus on the exploitation and production of an in-situ Athabasca oil sands project. The company also announces that it has accumulated, over a period of time, a 100% working interest in 23 sections (14,720 acres) of contiguous oil sands rights southwest of Ft. McMurray. Aggregate consideration paid for the lands was approximately $3.0 million. The prospective oil sand zone on these lands is the McMurray formation, a sandstone layer deposited in an estuarine channel environment. The region has multiple large SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) projects in various stages of development, including production and is in close proximity to existing services and infrastructure. Further details will be disclosed in future announcements.

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Monday Jan 29 8:59:53AM 2007

Tara, Another option that could potentially work is to sign up for a free account at a file hosting website such as (for pictures and video) or (for other files). Once your account is active, you can post PDF or image files on those websites and provide links to your charts within the QIS forum. Sample link: <a href= target=blank></a>

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Friday Jan 26 3:53:36PM 2007

Hi Tara, If the image is already hosted online somewhere, you could include it using this sample HTML code (and changing the link to your desired target): <img src=>

By Josh_Kier

Posted: Friday Jan 26 1:42:54PM 2007

Fixed those non-breaking lines in the first post on this thread. Removed some extra formatting that was getting in the way.

By Prospector

Posted: Friday Jan 26 10:18:53AM 2007

Something weird going on with this thread - there are no line breaks, so I have to scroll way across from left to right to read which makes it difficult to follow. All the other threads in the forum are fine, just this one has a bug in it.

By petedran

Posted: Friday Jan 26 9:14:49AM 2007

To me the guidance is likely for the calender year 2007.

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