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By murrayn

Posted: Monday Feb 2 5:20:41AM 2015

Pollard closed at 6.05 on Jan 30th. I suspect it will continue its upward movement in February.

Another one I like is Hammond Manufactruing. hmm.a. Its on track to report earnings of 30 cents a share for  2014. 2015 will be even better with the cheap dollar. They manufacture in Canada and export  almost all of their product to the  US so thats good.  They announced a hugh capital budget and ithat must be that they expect increse in business.  Pays small dividend. This stock could double by year end from its current $2.56 price. They have some sales to the oil and gas industry in the US but its a small % of their sales.    

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jan 13 11:27:08AM 2015

Pollard has hit 52 week high and increasing volume. I suspect buying before year end numbers come out in 1st week of March. Good press releases in past few weeks signal roobust business. Cheap dollar is good for them. I suspect we will see $6.00 by end of this  month.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Nov 11 6:58:15AM 2014

Pollard issued 3rd q results late yesterday. Record revenues.  With the Michigan ilottery looking very promising and  the new printing press 2015 looks to be a great year.

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 8 11:36:28AM 2014

Pollard share price has moved up to 5.30 range. The float is tight because of large holding by founders. Sprott Asset also has a position but not sure how much.   If they keep throwing off big cash flow then I think a dividend increase is likely. Great buy and hold type of stock. Eventually the share price will move up to its true value.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Aug 26 8:48:25PM 2014

I neglected to mention they made 16 cents a share in their most recent quarter (q2) and 21 cents for the first 6 months. The 2nd half is  typically  more profitable  than the first half. THey are paying down debt at a good clip. States and provinces and  are turning to lotteries as a growing source of easy profits.   

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Aug 26 12:34:22PM 2014

Currently trades on tsx at $4.70 a share. It also pays 12 cent dividend for the year ( 3 cents each quarter). They print lottery tickets for many jurisdictions throughout North America. Very dependable business. They recently started offering on-line lottery tickets for Michigan and that is likely to spread. internet lottery tickets have great profit margin. They also are also adding a  new printing press ( costs 20 million) and they say it will increase capacity by 35%. The new press will be up and running by spring 2015. As well as increasing capacity the machine is much more efficient and so margins will increase. 
I think they can make more than 80 cents in 2015 and the stock could be trading at  $12.00 by next year. No analysts  cover the company but that may change. One shareholder owns over 70% of the stock-- the parent company, so there is always the possibility that they will take it private.  
At some pont the market will evaluate this like a gaming company provider and give it a much higher p/e multiple. There are only 3 lottery ticket makers in north america and the largest one SGMS (70% of the market share) on nasdaq is running into debt problems and so Pollard ( has 20% of the market) ought to be able to pick up market share.  Amaya a gambling stock on tsx is trying get into lottery tickets.good luck to them as there are high barriers to entry. They should just buy pollard.    

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