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Prize Mining (PRZ)

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By jude

Posted: Thursday Apr 27 6:57:28PM 2006

With practically every other junior mineral exploration and oil and gas company suffering today, it was nice to see PRZ up a couple cents. The company plans on bringing in a crusher to process ore to provide cash to help fund further drilling and development according to Harry McGucken (CEO) at recent Calgary conference.

By geezer

Posted: Tuesday Apr 18 6:48:43PM 2006

Well, an impressive day for those of you that still hold this one. Up 0.10 to 0.63 on 700,000 shares, and on no news...yet. Hmm.

By jude

Posted: Tuesday Apr 18 9:04:33AM 2006

Nice movement so far today...up 0.06 to $0.58, after touching 0.60. All this on no news?

By sherwood

Posted: Sunday Mar 19 6:38:22PM 2006

Things have sure been quiet since the last drill results were released...

By scotty

Posted: Saturday Feb 11 12:57:26PM 2006

Just a quick thanks for this one, guys. That 120% rise did well more than offset any declines in my other stocks!

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Friday Feb 10 12:15:28PM 2006

Nice sell prices..........gotta feel for the guy who picked up at 75 cents........

By kman

Posted: Thursday Feb 9 6:16:25PM 2006

Thanks guys for this gem, or should I say "nugget"! A double over three weeks! With these results, PRZ should start garnering more interest. Things could get interesting.

By snoopee

Posted: Thursday Feb 9 2:40:40PM 2006

What a move, thanks for bringing this one to my attention too. Rodball, what the possibility of ODE doing a run above $0.27. Bought some today thinking that the volume has dried up and perhaps a turn. Good luck.

By kman

Posted: Saturday Jan 28 7:28:57PM 2006

With assay results due out in the next week, things could get interesting...

By mel

Posted: Thursday Jan 26 12:29:58PM 2006

Up a couple more pennies so far today!

By merlin

Posted: Wednesday Jan 25 6:29:47PM 2006

It closed up 0.04 to 0.37 today. Has anyone else out there, other than those above, picked any up?

By snoopee

Posted: Monday Jan 23 4:08:17PM 2006

+22% Not to late to get some, but its a smaller float as a result of a reverse split 5-1 and over 40% held by one player leaves a float of about 12 million. Chart indicates that this is going much higher with any positives on drill results. snoopee

By mel

Posted: Monday Jan 23 1:35:16PM 2006

Closed up 0.065 at 35.5!

By snoopee

Posted: Sunday Jan 22 6:49:33AM 2006

Sorry Kman for the crazy conversion post. My daughter had been distracting me.Write the following on paper and cross out the like numerators and denominators. 1lb/454g x 16oz/1lb = 0.035 oz/g rather than using 500 g, use 513.5 g/ton as per news release. 513.5 g/ton x 0.035 oz/g = 18oz gold/ton That is more like it.

By snoopee

Posted: Saturday Jan 21 4:58:27PM 2006

Kman: A little math for you. 0.430z = 500g

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