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QIS Portfolio Ended - Why?

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By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Feb 12 10:35:04AM 2009

Thank you everyone for your feedback. For BIC I am not per se speculating on the price of oil although I have made the mistake in the past of buying long on expectations of an oil recovery. At the present time I am taking advantage of volatility in the ETFs as the economic outlook remains very uncertain. Again, this is only personal trading and has little to do with our goal of continuing to find good fundamental companies for QIS and its followers.

By suntor

Posted: Thursday Feb 12 7:55:52AM 2009

I have several accounts (myself and my wife) and some of them are for long-term and some of them are more active. Last year I sold most of my stocks no matter they were for long-term or not and took a 35% lost. If I still keep my "long-term" stocks, my lost will be a lot bigger (it would more than 60%). Right now I work on short-term trading. I still keep a list of companies I like and when the economy gets better, I shall buy them again for long-term. When the situation is getting bad, it is better to retink what we should do. I think Doren is doing the right thing. Switch the trading rule, keep more cash, and keep watching the market.

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Feb 11 9:57:38AM 2009

You are correct - my day trading of HOU and HNU has nothing to do with QIS Capital. We continue to research new companies and will be completing some new reports in the Independent Research section. I was in process of adding TSK and have been tracking it for purchase but just missed it around $0.65. A little too late now with a takeover offer at $2.15. Thanks for your comments.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Feb 10 9:31:41PM 2009

I explained the reasons for the temporary suspension of the trading account in the latest QIS Update. Like many companies, QIS Capital is facing challenges in capital due to restricted revenue opportunities and a decline in equity value. This is an actual trading account and the capital is currently required for working capital for the corporation. This is nothing to do with running and hiding - hiding from what? I have posted every trade online in this account, disclosed every position I have, and have built QIS Capital on integrity. I am currently having good success personally trading HOU and HNU on a daily basis but corporately I require the capital so unfortunately I need to restrict trading for the near future. Once QIS Capital is able to fund this trading account again, I look forward to posting our trading activity online. Audiotech has nothing to do with this decision and it is not currently held in the online trading portfolio. I do however, believe the company will have a much better year in 2009 (ignoring the write-off of goodwill which I personally do not believe was justified).

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Tuesday Feb 10 9:29:12PM 2009

This should answer some of your questions: Audiotech Healthcare Corporation (AUD:TSX-V) Current Price: $0.15 (Sep. 19/08) Audiotech Healthcare Corporation (AUD:TSX-V) was founded in April 1998, as a growth corporation in a highly-fragmented hearing healthcare industry in North America. The company operates and manages a network of 16 hearing clinics in British Columbia, Alberta, and Idaho. Audiotech targets growth organically through new clinic openings, existing clinic expansions and the opening of satellite clinics. Audiotech will continue to build upon its close relationships with large hearing aid manufacturers and its financial partners to fund organic growth. In addition, Audiotech will continue to re-invest its positive cash flow in new growth initiatives. The company remains an attractive potential takeover candidate.

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