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Qis Portfolio

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By dundee

Posted: Monday Jan 31 11:26:18PM 2005

While Doren certainly does a terrific job of highlighting a wide variety of small-caps with strong fundamentals on this website, he certainly cannot follow every company in the country that would make a worthy investment. Personally, I would not pay for an automated trading system that simply looks at technical analysis as I can do that myself for free ;) On the other hand, I find that participating in stock forums like this and reading the reports of respected brokers (is that an oxymoron?), analysts, and investment advisors to be of help in exposing me to the few situations that Doren misses - there are not many! Keep up the good work Doren.

By dquinton

Posted: Friday Jan 28 12:54:12PM 2005

Absolutely software can chart and measure technical analysis (volume trends), as well as some fundamental data. The problem of course is that with small-cap stocks many of them are illiquid and charting programs are simply not able to predict trends given limited data. What software cannot do is measure future performance of a company. There are a lot of tools which can be utilized to assist in the investment decision process but one has to remember than none of them are foolproof and very few of them can work independently from another.

By AHughes

Posted: Friday Jan 28 11:38:16AM 2005

I just checked out that site for VectorVest and although it does look interesting the $645.00 US annual fee seems a little steep. I suppose it would depend on how well some of your friends are doing with this program but from a first look it seems pretty expensive.

By vanilla

Posted: Friday Jan 28 10:47:02AM 2005

I am not exactly sure just what all the Vectorvest system entails and I am not wanting to sales pitch this thing within a forum like this. I am only currious because I believe that (in theory at least) it should be possible to, in this technological age, for someone to write software that is capable of doing the number crunching (EPS, EY, Debt, P/S, P/E, etc., etc.) and then applying technical analysis to those numbers to provide a ranking of the best possible investment candidates. From what my friend tells me that is what Vectorvest tries to do?? I am going to have a look at my friends set up this weekend and hopefully will get a better idea what it is all about. In the mean time they do have a web site: I would appreciate any further feedback from anyone else who may have experience with this system. I treat investing and trading as a business and very much appreciate the collective knowledge and experience that is so freely shared in this forum.

By gadget

Posted: Friday Jan 28 9:56:52AM 2005

I would like to know what the vectorvest system is.

By vanilla

Posted: Tuesday Jan 25 11:07:09AM 2005

A friend of mine uses the Vectorvest system (swears by it) so I thought an interesting exercise might be to see how they rate the holdings in the QIS portfolio. Here is what he came up with for those that are followed by Vectorvest. As of Jan 25/05: Currently rated as buys EGD, GAV,BDE.A, GLK,CCB,SAW,SKF,BIS.A, ITI Currently rated as holds AUD, HF, BVO, ET, WBE, IFT Currently rated as sells RDN, KHA, VNN.A Might be interesting to see how things compare down the road a ways. Is anyone else familiar with this system as I am not but am always currious?

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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