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Questor Technology - QST 2006 Annual Report

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By analyst8

Posted: Wednesday May 9 1:27:39PM 2007

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Nov 15 6:36:13AM 2007

Speaking of hysteria, qst is trading as if it never made a large contract in the 3rd q. This one looks oversold unless the US dollar is killing them. However I understand they price all their contracts in cdn dollars. IMHO this is a good buying opprotunity before the 3rd q numbers come out next week. With no institutional ownership and little news this sort of thing can happen.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Nov 13 5:00:05PM 2007

I could get a copy to you if you send me an email to my email address

By ashley25

Posted: Tuesday Nov 13 2:31:11PM 2007

Does anyone have the PI Financial report recommending QST as a buy with a $1.25 target price? Thanks, A.

By analyst8

Posted: Wednesday Oct 31 12:15:31PM 2007

New Expo Asia Conference Presentation ..

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Oct 25 10:05:35AM 2007

Someone is buying Questor today and moved up the price. The 3rd q news will be out next month. If the company also announces more contracts we might see new highs on this stock by the end of November.

By analyst8

Posted: Tuesday Oct 9 8:03:15AM 2007

Slides from the conference ..

By analyst8

Posted: Wednesday Oct 3 2:24:50PM 2007

Questor to present tomorrow at Western Canadian Sour Gas Operations Conference. Carriage House Inn, Calgary, AB, Canada 9:15 Examining Newer Technology: Flaring vs. Incineration An Easy Way to Improve Air Quality, Reduce Costs and Inspire Public Confidence Audrey Mascarenhas President & CEO Questor Technology Reviewing the differences between flaring and incinerating Weighing the pros and cons of Flaring Does incineration allow for the complete combustion of waste gas? Evaluating the advantage behind incinerating: is it good business? Comparing Nexen Calgary and Compton Clayhurst approvals process

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Sep 24 1:13:43PM 2007

We tried to get Questor to come to The Small-Cap Conference in Calgary this weekend but they had a time conflict. I believe most of these conferences listed in the release are technically based and are not really aimed at potential investors. I would love to see this company get some additional exposure.

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Sep 24 7:41:56AM 2007

Nice to see the ceo revealing a sensitivity to investor relations by giving a heads up to coming exposure.

By analyst8

Posted: Thursday Sep 20 12:12:30PM 2007

We finally have analyst coverage for QST with a target price of $1.25 PI Financial Corp put out a 24 page report on "Reducing Toxic Air Emissions in the Oil Patch". Questor Technology(V-QST) $0.64 Rating: BUY Target: $1.25 Reducing Toxic Air Emissions in the Oil Patch Corporate Information Questor Technology is an environmental technology company specializing in high efficiency waste gas incineration for the oil and gas industry. Valuation and Recommendation As governments around the world are trying to manage pollution issues, we expect companies that enable industry to reduce its emissions are positioned for substantial growth. The oil and gas sector is not...

By analyst8

Posted: Friday Sep 14 8:49:44AM 2007

I did some research into why one of the insiders sold off about 500,000 shares in the summer. Mr. Harasym has left Questor to pursue other interests.

By analyst8

Posted: Monday Sep 10 10:03:41AM 2007

Looks like the granting of the options went to the CEO and CFO .. two more people have yet to be named. Questor Technology Inc. (QST) As of September 9th, 2007 Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities Nature of transaction # or value acquired or disposed of Unit Price Sep 07/07 Aug 28/07 Koenig, Diane Therese Marie Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 250,000 Sep 07/07 Jul 03/07 Koenig, Diane Therese Marie Direct Ownership Options 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report Sep 07/07 Aug 28/07 MASCARENHAS, AUDREY Direct Ownership Options 50 - Grant of options 250,000

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Aug 29 7:31:03AM 2007

It would have been nice for the contract to show up on the q, however the pr indicates that there are some material developments.

By mlmack

Posted: Wednesday Aug 29 7:00:18AM 2007

No wonder the insiders sold !!!

By pennypincher

Posted: Saturday Aug 18 11:54:53AM 2007

Doren speaks of Questor in his August 15th television interview on BNN Small Cap Show. Click here to watch the August 15TH BNN Small Cap Show Interview with Doren Quinton of QIS Capital regarding Questor Technologies .

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Aug 2 4:57:31PM 2007

correction: payment received July 31.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Aug 2 4:54:34PM 2007

Questro issued a press release tonight saying they got paid on July 3rd for their big contract. The pr does not state if that means revenue will or will not get recognized in 2nd q 2007. Usually the timing is based on when shipped not when getting paid, in keeping with the accural basis of accounting.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Jul 12 10:46:11AM 2007

I agree. Some fund is likely building a position. Those 3 brokers have bought well over 1.5 million shares in the past 6 weeks.

By analyst8

Posted: Thursday Jul 12 9:32:07AM 2007

The same brokerage houses (Pacific, Pension, Cormack) has been buying over the past month. Good sign.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Jul 12 6:40:01AM 2007

Nice strong bids at 76 cents today. I expect the bids to get stonger as we get closer to the 2nd q report. Since that is not likely to be until the end of August (if last year was any indication)perhaps the company will issue a mid year update before then.

By analyst8

Posted: Wednesday May 9 2:45:10PM 2007


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Canadian Small Caps

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