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Raydan - Calgary Conference?

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Posted: Monday Oct 10 3:44:03PM 2005

Thanks for the replies to my questions. Interesting read here: old QIS review of Raydan.

By dundee

Posted: Monday Oct 10 1:00:30PM 2005

according to "another pothole" who posted above: "Page 9 of the handout available to those attending the evening conference showed F2006(E) earnings of $0.10. Ray did not comment on whether he considers Raydans estimate to be conservative." so, the EPS estimate seems to be given by Raydan itself. I have spoken to the company several times and they seem to be running into some problem finding staff etc. They want to build more facilities to make additional growth possible, but this is the hang-up (staff). Perhaps they are factoring some additional labour costs or start-up costs associated with another new plant into the projections now???

By another pothole

Posted: Monday Oct 10 8:31:06AM 2005

John Lewis is with Linear also.

By Fordy

Posted: Sunday Oct 9 10:00:38AM 2005

Doren; I was thinking you would be posting about the conference by now.How did it go,what looks good,etc,etc.Thanks,Fordy

By another pothole

Posted: Friday Oct 7 11:01:09AM 2005

If you listened to their conference call yesterday you pretty much got everything new. There was however the suggestion that another plant will be constucted in a location where it is easier and cheaper to hire staff. Predicts revenue of 17m and eps of .10 for the 2006 fiscal year. Would not comment re projections for 2007. No mention was made of their financial reporting screw up. Ray English does not appear overly comfortable in this type of setting. I think the company looks good going forward.

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