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San Gold Corporation

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By bluesky2

Posted: Thursday Dec 6 10:56:22AM 2007

SGR recently held their AGM with the biggest turnout of shareholders ever. It was an excellent meeting with much information given out to the shareholderson the progress to date on the mining operation.The production of gold produced was very low BUT the most important aspect was the continual development of excess in the mine to high grade ore to feed the mill. This high grade ore is in close proximity to the mine shaft but at deep levels which will be profitable to mine in the foreseeable future. SGR is also looking to add special equipment to bring the ore to surface at approximately at a rate which will be about six times as fast as it can be presently hoisted up to the surface.This will provide much more ore to the mill due to efficiency at higher grades per tonne and speed of speed of new installed equipment. The steady increasing price of gold adds to a positive position of revenue.At present ( and for some time to come) SGR will not be cash flow positive ) but ever little bid of improvement helps the situation when SGR will one day be cash flow positive.

By bluesky2

Posted: Tuesday Oct 23 6:10:10AM 2007

San Gold Corporation has added some contract miners to their company as regular miners are in severe shortage throughout the world. Many companies are now using contract miners to augment their workforce. The mine is continuing to be explored,developed with some new high grades being recently reported and the company is awaiting a update report on a new 43-101 report which is currently being done at this moment.

By bluesky2

Posted: Sunday Jul 8 5:42:02PM 2007

Are there many people on this message board owners or following San Gold Corporation? I would welcome your comments on this stock.Please post. Thank-you.

By bluesky2

Posted: Sunday Jul 8 5:38:52PM 2007

San Gold continues to explore and find more gold.A 43-101by A.C.A. Howe will probably be done by very late fall or winter of this year(depending on ability of staff to perform this audit)but in the meantime thestock has risen to $1.26 which is starting tocome back towards it"s high of $2.25 in May 2006. Volume recently has been over 1 million shares for two days running.

By bluesky2

Posted: Saturday Jun 23 3:47:24PM 2007

This is a gold exploration and gold producing company.It has two nines in production and will be starting to open a third mine in the future. They have floated a share and warrant issue of approximately $23 MILLION DOLLARDS to finance the opening of the third mine,upgrades to the mill (including a 3rd Knelson gravity piece of equipment),further exploration work and probably general day to day costs as they become incurred.With this financing it should be the end to any further financings as the poured gold should increase in the future and this will then take care of any further costs. At the present value of $650 plus per ounce the mine should be very profitable in the future as the gold grades have been increasing in value it should cost no more to mine higher grades than lower grades. The mine is about 3 hours from a major airport on all weather roads,low hydroelectric costs,a reasonably modern mill of 1250 tons per day with talk of increasing it upwards towards 1800tpd. They have a stable work force who have options to be shareholders in the project as well. The mine life could be over 15 yearsor more as exploration has greatly added to the ounces which stand at over 1.6million ounces with more drilling holes to be reported of high grade rich ore. The stock has ranged from approximately .95 cents to $2.25 in the past year and lately it has hovered from around $1.00 to $1.15 with volume of 100,000 to about 1.1 million shares. San Gold Corporation has a long way to go yet as they still have much property to explore plus they have a joint venture property with a company called Marum Resources(approximately .11cents) next door to one of their properties in the Rice Lake Belt.

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