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By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday May 1 8:08:38AM 2012

Sernova has been climbing steadily the past couple of weeks. They are close to getting approval for human trials of their implantable pouch for housing islet cells that can produce insulin and eliminate or reduce the need for insulin injections for diabetics. The pouch is make of polymer materials that have been used in other implantable devices. The pouch is implanted and micro blood vessels grow around the pouch. then the islet cells from cadavers are inserted. The islet cells come in contact with the blood vessels and can sense the sugar levels in blood and produce insulin in response. The limit to this approach is the current limit on islet availability. They are currently harvested from accident victims. Since the islet cells are donated, the recipient has to take anti rejection drugs for the rest of their lives. Down the road Sernova hopes to further develop a novel treatment that could eliminate the anti rejection drugs AND use stem cells to develop high quantities of islet cells so that this approach could be used to treat high numbers of insulin dependent patients. This is speculative but seems to have many positive benefits and appears possible for them to succeed based on animal trials. The human trials could propel Sernova much further towards a realistic treatment.

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