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SHF - an opportunity?

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By SDonen

Posted: Friday Mar 11 4:20:39PM 2005

It does help. Thanks. You numbers seem cautious to a fault. Shares traded very well today as a pause was necessary to drive out weak hands. Thanks again.

By stocklad

Posted: Tuesday Mar 8 7:30:03PM 2005

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I donít cruise this board every day. Sales of 169 lines per month x 12 months = 2,028 lines signed up in a 12 month period. Revenue = 2,028 lines x $40/month x 12 months = $973,440 per year. Current expenses are approx = $1,500,000, which will no doubt go up as sales increase. So, the company would appear to about half way to break-even. When I did this, I assumed that most clients would rent the phone ($15/per month x say 40% margin = $6 net to SHF), pay the $25/mth fee for the phone service and have some long distance charges plus some charges for extra services, for a total of about $40/mth. No doubt that some phones will be purchased instead of rented, but presumably the margin would be the same and the revenue would be recognized sooner. There are definitely some assumptions here. (If anyone has better information or more reasonable assumptions, please post them.) I hope this helps.

By SDonen

Posted: Monday Mar 7 7:15:35PM 2005

Stocklad, This looks interesting but how do you figure that 169 lines gets them half way to profitability? Not doubting your math, just wondering.

By Collard

Posted: Monday Mar 7 7:08:22PM 2005

Picked up ten K shares today at thirteen cents. I like that revenue based on line sales is increasing at a multiple rate. They are still some ways from profit but if they continue to accelarate line sales, then picture could be profitable much sooner than expected.

By Pennypicker

Posted: Monday Mar 7 8:43:10AM 2005

Adding to my position also at .12 today!

By Gee

Posted: Friday Mar 4 5:25:06PM 2005

I added some more today ... I like these stocks that have a slow steady climb.

By Pennypicker

Posted: Friday Mar 4 4:22:33AM 2005

Shift is in a market niche and with 3 yr sign ups are guaranteeing their revenue stream . At 10 to 20 cents a share this is a steal and should be accumulated ! This is a good play for the long term buy and hold strategy . I do own it and will continue to own it , this is my own opinion of this company

By Gee

Posted: Thursday Mar 3 9:39:29PM 2005

I picked some yesterday at .095 and .10 cents. What I like about this play is each new subscriber is reoccurring revenue :) They have also extended warrents that exercise at .15 cents to March 31, so that kind of tells me they must have some other stuff in the pipe to keep the price moving up (Just pure speculation on my part at this point). gee.

By gadget

Posted: Thursday Mar 3 12:55:04PM 2005

Seems like a deal to me to. So I am in a .105(5000).

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