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Size of Bid & Ask--- for Doren

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By pongo

Posted: Tuesday Jul 22 11:03:15AM 2003

Thank you cjack for your comprehensive explaination.Peter

By peter

Posted: Tuesday Jul 15 9:22:49AM 2003

If looking at a real time quote, you get the last sale,size of that sale,price,bit,ask,time of sale,high low etc. Also you see the Size of Bit & Ask section. What I am want to know is, if the Bit part is higher than the Ask section or the other way around, can I read some thing out of that? Peter

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Jul 15 7:44:25AM 2003

Not sure I fully understand your question. If you are simply looking at the size of bids and asks and trying to determine market direction, one would also have to look at the average volume of trading as well as various buying and selling resistance levels. It would also be beneficial to look at the trading patterns that have been in place during the last few days.

By peter

Posted: Monday Jul 14 8:32:37PM 2003

Hi Doren: Could you explain the proper way to evaluate the above please. thanks. Peter

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Canadian Small Caps

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