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By Bobwins

Posted: Monday May 14 11:01:48AM 2007

I bought a few more Slam this morning. I have a bid more more. Frustrating that the price seems to continue to slide but mining stocks are weak today. Bobwins

By jude

Posted: Monday Apr 23 7:32:29PM 2007

Thanks, Gee. So, how did you become aware of such a bid existing on SXL today?

By Gee

Posted: Monday Apr 23 7:17:46PM 2007

If someone wants to buy or sell a large amount of shares an iceberg allows them to only show a bid/ask of a smaller size. Everytime that smaller bid/ask is taken out another bid/ask pops up right away. This way the buyer/seller can accumulate or dispose of their position with out creating a panic situation. I for one think they are disadvantage to the retail investor.

By jude

Posted: Monday Apr 23 7:07:59PM 2007

Could someone please explain what an "iceberg seller" is?

By Gee

Posted: Monday Apr 23 7:58:41AM 2007

iceberg seller using house 27 keeping a lid on the price. Either people will get tried of waiting and start dumping, which would create another chance to buy in at .175 or the iceberg seller will run out of shares, which would creat some panic buying. icberg seller ran out and bids quickly filled in at .185, we should see some share price increase today.

By shadow

Posted: Thursday Apr 19 6:32:10PM 2007

Rodball I iook a position in sxl shortly after you brought the stock to our attention. I have added to that position twice thereafter and I may add further to my position. I am fully confident that us shareholders will be rewarded as the company proceeds to implement it!s drilling program

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Apr 19 2:08:58PM 2007

With all of the postings and positive information and following my initial due diligence on this company I have decided to take a small position in SXL. I got a small partial fill today. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and insights. Hopefully the company can deliver some exciting results over the next year.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Apr 18 10:05:30PM 2007

rod...I just bought some more today. As you said, Slam has multiple projects that look very promising and the market cap is very low. Personally I feel better investing in a low market cap junior with base metals than many of the uranium juniors because so few of them will actually operate a mine. Thanks for Slam. Bobwins

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Wednesday Apr 18 8:02:35PM 2007

Rodball Well put! Im still an owner and in for the long haul!

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Canadian Small Caps

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