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stockhouse changes seem awful

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By stocklad

Posted: Wednesday Jul 3 2:08:43PM 2013

I did contact Stockhouse several days ago and they said they will eventually provide all the functionality that used to be there.  One of the questions I asked directly was about seeing the date/time of the latest bullboard post from the Portfolio page.  They told me they were working to fix those type of problems with the paid part of the website first, then they'd get around to fixing the problems with the free part.  So, it's a waiting game...

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Jul 3 8:00:30AM 2013

Also this morning, I can't even get stockhouse to load and display.  

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Jul 3 7:59:36AM 2013

yes, the person who designed the changes to the bullboards obviously doesn't track a lot of stocks.  Some of the format changes are fine.  The look is ok but the need for me is to review a lot of stocks quickly and zero in on changes or new info that may come from recent posts.  Hotcopper in Australia made some sweeping changes, much more fundamental than Stockhouse and had to scrap the whole thing after a week or two of howling protests.  


By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jul 2 5:08:24PM 2013

Is it just me or do others find the recent stockhouse changes maddening? You can't even tell if there are new  recent postings on a stock in one's portfolio unless you go to the stock then to the bullboard. Who comes up with these ideas? Maybe I am missing something.    

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