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STT Enviro Corp.-STT 10.5 cents

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By Flipper

Posted: Friday May 17 8:22:25PM 2013

Heres a more thorough description of the business. Hopefully it formats ok.


3.1 Business Overview

The Company is engaged in the following activities:

(1) Industrial water and wastewater treatment.

(2) Municipal drinking water and sewage treatment.

(3) Air emissions clean-up, particularly for coal-fired power plants.

(4) The supply and installation of liquid storage tanks and covers.

(5) Provision of parts, supplies and maintenance services for installed systems.

What We Do:

For water and wastewater treatment as well as air emissions clean-up, the Company designs, assembles, delivers and supports dry bulk material storage and handling systems for the reagents used to clean or neutralize pollutants or adjust process conditions — from the unloading systems, storage silos, through to the handling, make-down and transfer systems, including integrated instrumentation and controls. These systems are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of each customer, with the delivery time ranging from three to eighteen months.

How It Works:

In these systems, reagents such as lime, soda ash, magnesium oxide or powder activated carbon are used to treat the water, wastewater or air emissions. The Company frequently acts as a subcontractor to a large engineering firm responsible for the entire project. The Company’s value proposition to the engineering firm is to supply an integrated solution, including design and engineering, sourcing of equipment, project management, installation, commissioning and documentation.

Management believes the Company is a major provider of systems to worldwide customers, with particular strength in North America and South America.

The Company has approximately 76 employees, including engineers, draftsmen, project managers, and installation technicians at its locations in Milton, Ontario and Richmond, British Columbia.

The Company’s objectives are to:

• provide a process which meets or exceeds the customer’s needs;

• design and integrate high quality products into a fully functional system;

• deliver, install and start up the system on schedule or earlier;

• provide the customer with timely post-start-up service to ensure a successfully operating system which requires minimal maintenance; and

• Provide after-sale support of systems, and on-going contact with customers, through the supply of parts and maintenance services.


3.2 Customers

The Company’s customers span multiple market sectors, including mining, minerals and metals processing, oil & gas, power/utilities, chemical, food, plastics, general industrial, and municipalities throughout North and South America. The Company also serves customers on select projects in other parts of the world. The Company has a growing reference base with well over 1,000 installations, with many top-tiered customers.

3.3 Products and Services

Products and services offered are:

Bulk Chemical Storage and Handling: Municipal water and wastewater treatment



Flue gas desulphurization and mercury reduction



Acid waste neutralization



In-process treatment, including metal precipitation



Sludge dewatering & detoxification




By rodball

Posted: Thursday May 16 10:53:59AM 2013

Here you go, Bobwins:

Also seems the co. has changed its name to STT Enviro Core.


At any rate, have a good afternoon.


By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 16 10:35:14AM 2013

Is there a website for Semcan so I can learn a little more about the company and sector it operates in?

By Flipper

Posted: Tuesday May 14 10:35:26PM 2013



Heres an undervalued company imo

Semcan Inc is a publicly traded supplier of process equipment and environmental solutions with specific emphasis on water remediation and emission control systems. 

The Company’s key operating division, STT Stanco specializes in supplying cost-effective, integrated systems from engineering through to project management, assembly and installation of complete bulk material handling systems used to clean up water, wastewater and control air emissions. This includes the storage silos, the conveying and make-down systems, and the computerized electronic controls.The systems are utilized internationally in a broad range of industries. In addition, the company is a leader in the supply and installation of liquid storage tanks and tank covers throughout Western Canada. The Company is of the view that environmental considerations and preventative technologies are becoming a prerequisite of most modern industrial and municipal infrastructure and development. 

Trades at 1.5 x basic earnings. 

26 millions shares outstanding. Convertible debt could cause the issuance of an equal number of shares. Still if all conversions happen it still trades at 3x earnings. 

Insiders like it as well

May 10/13 May 6/13 Bringeland, Hal Fraser Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 6,500 $0.115
May 10/13 May 6/13 Bringeland, Hal Fraser Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 176,000 $0.123
Apr 2/13 Mar 28/13 Deacon, David Emmerson Direct Ownership Convertible Debentures 11 - Acquisition carried out privately $32,500  
Dec 19/12 Dec 19/12 Deacon, David Emmerson Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 26,000 $0.095
Dec 19/12 Dec 19/12 Deacon, David Emmerson Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Acquisition in the public market 175,000 $0.090


Good growth in revenue and especially earnings. 

Quarter Revenues Net income EPS
June 2012 8,325 381 0.014
Sept 2012 6,490 294 0.011
Dec 2012 8,183 604 0.023
March 2013 8,859 535 0.020
  31,857 1,814 0.068

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