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Top 5 Holdings, Anyone?

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By In4anickel

Posted: Friday May 2 9:46:05AM 2008

Peak PES.UN $3.35 I have double my investment in this one but believe there is more upside. Capstone CS $3.40 this play is just beginning. Good buying opportunity recently as their hedge position recently threw some investors for a loop. Petrobank PBG $50. This is one of the most interesting companies to own. They have amassed sizable resource targets. Production growth is dramatic. Their THAI and CAPRI processes seem to be working well and will lead to big combination plays in tarsands and heavy oil. They have also unlocked some considerable value in the Bakken play. Western Areas WSA $9.75 I started buying this in the $2.10 range and I will probably die with it firmly clutched in my cold rigid hands. It has some of the richest Ni exploration results in the world. Absolutely phenom. Nordic O+G NOG $0.39 I have bought most of my shares at under $0.20 and have held on for some time waiting for the Preeceville seeps to be drilled. This is a higher risk reward than any of the above. Nordex Explosives NXX $0.70 good company in the right business area. Kirkland lake area is the center of many good mining plays. Financials are starting to look healthier. Management is taking too much off the top, but growth has averaged 30% per year or better for the passed several years. Canadian Equipment Rentals CFL.UN $5.50 This company pays a very healthy $0.16 per quarter. The business has expanded ever so nicely in the very hot Alberta construction scene. Homburg HII.A or HII.B $3.75 real estate office towers. Again very nice dividend. Good growth. Richard Homburg has recently been buying back large stock blocks. In4anickel

By sherwood

Posted: Monday Apr 7 8:22:40AM 2008

I see some activity in Empire (EIL) this am. Up 0.04 to $0.53 on almost 300 000 shares.

By rodball

Posted: Friday Mar 28 4:25:17PM 2008

Pinetree selling is understandable given that they purchased their shares in the teens and a majority of their portfolio is invested in jr. resource stocks that have deprecciated considerably. VQS is one of the few stocks they hold/held that they can boast a gain...simply taking some badly needed profits to try and appease their own shareholders. Have a great weekend everyone.

By highlander

Posted: Tuesday Mar 25 12:26:28PM 2008

My top 5 are NTB KCL WIN BME ARU

By ray

Posted: Monday Mar 24 9:43:25AM 2008

My top 5 smallcap holdings are 1 CMG 2 MGO 3 GCM 4 GBI 5 HE I have been floating between 15 and 45 percent cash for almost a year now.

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Canadian Small Caps

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