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Total Telecom ($0.195) TTZ-Venture

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By dundee

Posted: Monday Dec 5 4:01:27PM 2005

It will be interesting to see all of the accounting ramifications of this deal play out in the upcoming quarterly statements.

By Jimmy

Posted: Monday Dec 5 2:37:51PM 2005

Total Telcom Announces Completion of Sale of Subsidiary A cash injection. EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 5, 2005) - TOTAL TELCOM INC. (TSX VENTURE:TTZ) announced today the successful completion of the sale of Total Telcom Fiber Inc. (TTFI) to ROHL Ventures Ltd. Highlights of the transaction included the transfer of the current assets (cash & receivables) of TTFI to Total Telcom Inc. estimated at $1,700,000, the immediate payment by the purchaser of $1,000,000. and a further payment of $1,250,000 due on April 30, 2006. Payment of the remaining balance of $750,000 will, subject to adjustments for fiber-kilometers sold or leased, be due at the end of the 5 year revenue sharing arrangement. Total Telcom will be the exclusive agent to market the remaining Fiber Inventory. The terms of the revenue sharing arrangement will pay Total Telcom 90% of the proceeds from the sale or lease of any of the unencumbered fibers. The Corporation currently has several parties who have expressed interest in purchasing fiber on the Network including one formal offer. "Beyond the obvious increased capital surplus, the real significance of this transaction is replacing certain corporate assets associated with a highly discounted public market value into cash, eliminating all associated liabilities with operating these assets while maintaining all the financial benefits of ownership" said CEO Neil Magrath.

By dundee

Posted: Monday Nov 7 3:25:31PM 2005

ouch. According to the latest balance sheet, their fiber network is on the books at over $8 million - that is going to be one big loss to book in the books.

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Oct 12 5:45:45PM 2005

This company definitely has a habit or "reinventing" itself. Long before the Total Telecom days, the company was called DC Corrosion and it did corrosion protection for pipelines, etc. They then bought/made a bunch of hydrovac trucks to try to emulate Badger Daylighting, a very successful ASE company that went on to big things (I made some nice $ on that one!). Hydrovac trucks are used to dig up burried utility lines safely etc. They then became Total Telecom where they seem to float from concept to concept - whatever is a hot topic for the day - fiber optics, etc. etc. I have traded this company a few times over the past 8 years or so and made a bit of money, but they always seem to dissapoint in the end. Fortunately, I have been long gone from the stock before it hit its downturn cycle each time. I always keep an eye on it though.....

By Jimmy

Posted: Tuesday Oct 11 1:06:57PM 2005

This one might be coming alive again: October 11, 2005 Total Telcom Announces Involvement In Purified Water Distribution Initiative. A successful field test in the southern United States has led to the recent deployment of a complete water purification system in Haiti for its final evaluation before being made available for global distribution. Management anticipates a significant contribution to its revenues commencing early to mid 2006 from this initiative.

By Yaser

Posted: Saturday Oct 1 7:35:46AM 2005

This has been a total price/book play without much news for the last 6 months. They have made good money last year. The current change in business direction might start to look promising. Any one have thoughts on this one? CNW, September 30, 2005 09:00 AM Total Telcom Announces ROM Initiative ROM has successfully completed the development, prototyping and in-house testing of the proprietary device and has received an initial order to supply and install 50 units for an extensive field evaluation. The Company further reports that while it has waived developmental fees in lieu of retaining all rights associated with the marketing and sale of this technology to other utilities, the initial order of 50 evaluation units is valued at $100,000.00. The Utility Company has identified the potential need for as many as two thousand of these devices within its local network.

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