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Triton Energy, TEZ.v

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By tonkaman

Posted: Friday Aug 29 11:52:53AM 2008

I agree..I think the worse is over in regards to the huge selling pressure that Triton has faced over the last few days. Good time to buy as eventually the value fundamentals that Triton has will take over.

By jude

Posted: Friday Aug 29 5:19:31AM 2008

Does anyone know of any rationale for the huge sell off over the last couple of days? Thanks.

By rodball

Posted: Wednesday Aug 27 12:19:59PM 2008

TEZ now down $0.05 to $0.33 on over 300,000 shares. There was one large block of 240,500 that traded at $0.33.

By tonkaman

Posted: Monday Aug 25 3:42:31PM 2008

Well Doren, and to the others who post on here....I had a bid in for 37.5 cents for almost the whole guys need to start putting some bids in.

By tonkaman

Posted: Tuesday Aug 26 9:11:30AM 2008

Like I have mentioned in past posts..Paradigm is hammering the sell orders. I honestly think Paradigm is going to teach us all a cold hard lesson. They have toally depressed the stock price.

By Bobwins

Posted: Monday Aug 25 2:52:52PM 2008

Doren, sorry I missed the opportunity to plug QIS when we were discussing valuation. Bobwins

By shadow

Posted: Monday Aug 25 1:29:41PM 2008

Thank you Bobwins,you answared my question regarding the source of the production that is going to be brought on.

By shadow

Posted: Saturday Aug 23 12:41:17PM 2008

Like other posters I agree that TEZ appears to be under valued. I do have two questions however and invite answars from any poster with an explanation. 1)Although Tara has stated that the company has no debt what would you call the $4,111,000 in negative working capital (more than two times the recently reported quarter!s cashflow)? 2) Where is the additional 500 boes that the company intends to bring on production going to come from? The company does not claim that it currently has this production capability beyond pipe. In fact the company only refurs to 1.5 wells drilled that are not yet producing , one at Newton and a 50% interst in a non operated well at Lanaway and I do not expect that these wells are cabable of producing 500 boes.

By tonkaman

Posted: Friday Aug 22 10:02:01AM 2008

Well after seeing Tara, Doren, Broke, Bobwins are on baord with this stock it looks like they are about to experience some stock pain. Paradigm has been hammering the sells for months and it looks like it is about to get worse. NEW 52 WEEK LOW...

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Aug 21 10:11:27PM 2008

After further review..I agree with Doren,Tonka,etc. this is very undervalued. My only concern is what Tonka mentioned...that seller at 40 cents..Anonymous...he is a beast..any bids at 40 cents get filled pretty fast.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Aug 21 4:32:16PM 2008

Looks like a good buy in the 40-50 cent range. I am going to buy some shares.

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Aug 21 10:51:43AM 2008

Not yet but I am planning to give him a call later today regarding the conference. Feel free to give us a good word as well as any other companies that investors have a good rapport with management. We have several companies still considering but currently have 10 spots left for the Calgary show that we would like to fill.

By tonkaman

Posted: Thursday Aug 21 10:43:06AM 2008

Sorry..I got caught up in the emotion and excitement of hearing that you bought some Triton Energy shares. You have an amazing track record of picking stocks in some very well run companies. I own 107,000 shares. The problem is we will not get past 40 cents as whenever a bid at 40 cents appears...the hungry sellers will fill that bid. Have you appoached Mike about appearing in the small cap conference?

By tonkaman

Posted: Thursday Aug 21 9:24:55AM 2008

Welcome aboard Doren..glad you grabbed some Triton shares. Did you buy a whole whopping 2000 shares? It is funny how you guys buy 2000 shares of a company and you think you are taking a big investment. Judging by the share price today....I think you need to buy some more. we all need to start pumping this pig. You go hit the BNN televesion show while I will hit the bullboards.

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Aug 20 3:01:14PM 2008

Bought some today Bobwins. You make a very compeling arguement on this one. Thank you for your research and ideas.

By tonkaman

Posted: Wednesday Aug 6 10:13:42PM 2008

Thanks for the reply Bobwins. I have used many alias in the past due to forgetting passowrds, but you are on of the few people with a good knowledge base on junior oil and gas stocks. I make sure I read all of your posts.

By tonkaman

Posted: Wednesday Aug 6 3:43:52PM 2008

Any thoughts on these Bobwins?

By Bobwins

Posted: Thursday May 22 3:06:06PM 2008

TEZ.v/ +.04 to C$.64 Q1 results. Very close to my estimates. .05 cashflow. They had 888boepd vs their estimate of 875 recently so had higher revs. Made a tiny profit of $9k on 4.02million gross revs. Triton acquired 14 sections of land near their core area near Sullivan Lake. Triton is gas heavy, with only 39bpd oil and 849boepd ngas. TEZ.v has been growing rapidly. Avgd 130boepd in 2006, 629boepd in 2007 and already at 888 for 2008. They have up to 300boepd waiting for testing, completion and tie in. I like Triton because of their growth, emphasis on ngas and reasonable price to cashflow ratio of 3. They have 10 more wells to drill in 2008 to increase production beyond the 1100boepd they will have after Q1 wells are hooked up. Bobwins

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