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Trivello Hits...

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By Blurr

Posted: Monday Feb 6 12:06:38PM 2006

Trivello is in full break out mode now. Trading up another $.03 to another 52 week high of $.26 on almost 1 million shares. Not much action on this thread - did anybody else take a position?

By Blurr

Posted: Friday Feb 3 12:22:08PM 2006

Tirvello continues to grow in strength as do the bids. The stock has gone from the $.17-$.18 range to the current $.21. Drilling and flow numbers from successful wells have yet to be announced. FYI...

By Briany1246

Posted: Tuesday Jan 24 7:56:14AM 2006

Jan 23, 2006 Letter from the President Dear Shareholders: I am pleased to provide you with this letter to our shareholders for the activities our Company has accomplished this past year. During our strategy of acquiring and setting projects up for exploration and development, we were able to achieve traction on our projects listed below: Our strategy to own an “Operator” company bonded and licensed with Alberta’s Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) has given us an enormous advantage by being able to control the events on a particular property rather than relying on someone else’s timing and field expertise. One such project Trivello’s DevExco is operating is its Wainwright Prospect: The Wainwright prospect consists of one section of land in eastern central Alberta. Trivello’s DevExco commenced Operations in late November to test the Rex Sands at a relatively shallow depth of approx. 2,200 feet. Production testing revealed more oil than anticipated. Preliminary flow testing showed more than 100 barrels of 16.5 API heavy crude oil to surface. The well is currently pumping, and we anticipate the well to stabilize at a potential rate of 50 BOPD. Since this is the first discovery well, Trivello was able to identify a further location by assessing existing field data on hand. The second well is anticipated to spud sometime in February/March 2006 subject to drill and service rig availability. It is our strategy to produce both wells for some time in order to receive EUB permits for reduced spacing, which would allow us to drill many infill targets on this property. The subsequent wells should be drilled sometime this summer/fall 2006. Trivello’s balanced approach to the participation of low to high risk exploration projects continues with the development of the Alexander Prospect situated approx 75KM N/W of Edmonton near the town of Barrhead: Trivello has earned a 6-30% interest in our four section oil and gas prospect that boasts 3 productive reservoirs; the shallow Belly River gas formation, the Ellerslie gas and the Wabamum oil formations. Operations are ongoing, and we anticipate the prospect to enter full production this spring. The project is compromised of one water disposal facility complete with a water disposal well, constructed after break up last year. Two productive gas wells and one productive oil well are already drilled and shut in awaiting final services for tie in to the gas pipeline, oil will be trucked to market. Trivello and its partners are keen to drill several more potential gas wells this spring in order to justify the purchase cost of the above mentioned pipeline to sales. Lastly, Trivello’s portfolio of oil and gas projects is accompanied by a blue sky potential in a Keg River Reef Prospect in N/E BC near the town of Fort Nelson. The project is located approx 9 miles from the Yoyo Gas Field that has so far produced in excess of 1.5 TCF (trillion cubic feet) of gas: Trivello entered into a Farmout and Joint Venture Agreement to participate with a 20% working interest to earn a 12% net interest in the petroleum and natural gas leases in a North-Eastern British Columbia potential Keg River Reef Gas prospect. A major oil company drilled a test well on the Yoyo Prospect in a backreef position due to an alternative seismic interpretation based on a perceived thinning between the Jean Marie and Muskwa formations. At the time of drilling the Yoyo Prospect test well, it was alternatively argued that the character change in the Muskwa on the flank of the reef was the cause of the perceived thinning and this condition was more likely an expression of gas-charged shales within the Muskwa associated with fractures along the reef flank. Indeed gas was encountered in the Muskwa shales during the drilling of the well. The Prospect Lands seismic data indicates evidence of possible Keg River island reef, the updip edge of the Keg River anomaly is within a few hundred meters of the existing borehole. The existing infrastructure, facilities and re-entry or drilling program will substantially reduce drilling cost and risk. We anticipate that upon availability of a suitable operator for this very complex undertaking, the well should spud sometime after break up this spring 2006. Though this past year boasted a lot of milestones, I believe this year will be the year we will actually be rewarded for the efforts brought forward by the whole Trivello team, by having successfully implemented our strategy to build on several oil and gas prospects in western Canada. Trivello cautions the reader not to rely on forward look statements as investment criteria. Happy trading, On behalf of the board of directors, Arndt Roehlig President Provide real, usable information. Avoid a slick sales pitch. Reporters are only interested in the facts. Section 1 Subheading January 20, 2005 Arndt Roehlig reports NEWS RELEASE Trivello to increase Interest at Wainwright Calgary, Alta. Trivello Ventures, Inc. is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary Devexco Resources (1984) Ltd (“DevExco”) has negotiated an additional Working Interest (WI) in the Rex Sands Petroleum Rights in Section 6-45-4 W4M at Wainwright in Eastern Central Alberta to a blended 72% Working Interest (WI) subject to a blended 3.74% NCGORR (non convertible gross overriding royalty). A finders fee may be payable in accordance with the newly negotiated additional WI. DevExco further provides an update on the DEVEXCO RES WAINR 9-6-45-4 well. Due to availability of field service crews, the well briefly flowed oil in December 2005 and flow testing recommenced several days ago. Operations have been completed and the well is currently pumping into the production tank, from which it will be trucked and sold to market. DevExco completed the bore-hole in the Rex Sands after several days of successful swab testing in late November. Longer term flow results will be disclosed as they become available. Arndt Roehlig, President of Trivello stated: “We are very enthusiastic about the recent negotiations to increase our Interest at Wainwright from 50% to 72% WI (gross). The first well in this field appears to perform indicatively to other heavy oil wells producing from a sandy formation in the vicinity. Once preliminary field work is completed, we will initiate the licensing of the second well to be drilled on this property.” DevExco is operating and will earn 71% (gross) WI in this well at Lsd. 9-6-45-4-W4M by paying 100% of costs incurred for this well until completion. The LOI DevExco has entered into with Zappa Resources Ltd. does not yet reflect the WI stated above. As per the LOI with Zappa, Zappa will have the right to earn a 25% WI by way of paying 50% of the costs incurred for the drilling and completion of the subsequent two wells on this Section and paying Trivello $25,000 and 200,000 common shares upon signing and TSX Venture Exchange approval. The P&NG rights in the DEVEXCO RES WAINR 9-6-45-4 well are not included in the LOI with Zappa. A formal Participation Agreement will follow shortly. On behalf of the board of directors, Arndt Roehlig President

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