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TSX-V new 52-week low

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By dquinton

Posted: Monday Mar 18 11:31:38AM 2013

Invicta has had a great run.   It's moved up consistently from $0.15 in July 2012 to $0.52 today.  That's a great return!  Thanks for posting on this stock rodball.

By rodball

Posted: Monday Mar 18 10:51:49AM 2013

Invicta up 0.12 today to 0.52 on a takeover offer from Whitecap Resources.

By rodball

Posted: Saturday Mar 9 3:48:34PM 2013

Well...Invicta Energy (VCA) closed the week at 0.38, setting more highs, yet still no news. 


Automodular continued to report strong financials with its Q4/year ends released this week.  AM closed the week at $3.16.  It reported Q4 earnings of 0.22/share (0.18/share in '11) and annual earnings of 0.83/share (compared to 0.61 in '11).  The company has $25 million in cash (over $1/share), and that's after paying 0.40/share in special and regular dividends over the past year.


Have a good weekend.

By rodball

Posted: Wednesday Feb 20 6:52:28PM 2013

Hey Doren!

I've been fortunate to have been invested in some of those cos. that you mentioned in your post.  Thanks to you and other contributors here for bringing some of them to our attention.

I'd add a few others to the list.  Automodular (t.AM) has shown strength in recent weeks as it hovers near its 52 wk high.  Special and regular dividends have made this one "pay while we wait".  Investors are anxiously awaiting a renewal of its key Ford contract for 2014 and beyond.  Having said all that, I just realized it's not Venture Exchange listed as you alluded, oh well...

Invicta Energy (v.VCA) is a rapidly growing jr. oil play currently trading around 0.30 (I've held since the high teens).  Average daily production in 2013 is expected to increase approximately  107% over average 2012 rates to 620 bbl/d, providing a 100% year over year increase in annual cash flow to 0.16 / share in 2013.  It's worth  mentioning that all of this significant growth is the direct result of success  "through the bit" - a strong testament to management and their expertise.   Also, capex for 2013 is projected at $15 million - funded entirely through cash flow and VCA's credit facility rather than dilutive share issuances.

 VCA seems quite undervalued given its steady, rapid growth - both  historically and expected going forward.  With projected 2013 cash  flow of 0.16 / share, applying a modest price to cash flow multiple of 3-4  equates to a share price of 0.48 - 0.64, based on these multiples.  At its  current price of 0.30 / share, there should be significant share price  appreciation for patient investors in 2013.  It's also worth noting that management has rejected takeover overtures for the co., stating they're not yet ready to sell.

Finally, one that I'm currently looking at, and would appreciate any comments from anyone familiar with it, is Loyalist Group (v.LOY) which is a profitable acquisitor/consolidator in the ESL education field.  As a result of recent acquisitions, it should experience significant growth in traditional metrics going forward.

That's it for now.  Have a good night.    

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Feb 20 9:29:45AM 2013

Here we are at a fresh 52-week low for the TSX Venture Exchange.  This is mainly commodity driven whereas the values of stable, cash rich, fundamental companies are actually doing not too badly (RFC, QST, TLA, MMT, MCR, GAV etc).  We are of course waiting for DAL to get its day in the sun.

Just wondering how everyone is doing in these markets and always looking for some new options out there.  Thank you to those who have called or emailed in suggestions.  We are currently working on a new independent research report for a company we have followed for many years but which recently started to put out much better numbers. 

Calgary Conference on April 16th is looking like an excellent conference.  We have some great companies coming and we only need one or two more to be full.  I'd really like to get the word spread about this conference and have a great turnout.  Those attending will get to know some excellent companies that should do very well even in this market.

Good luck to all.



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