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UC Resources - comments?

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By oilman_

Posted: Thursday Apr 20 9:00:44PM 2006

What do you think of the acquisition Doren? Thanks.

By oilman_

Posted: Thursday Apr 20 11:49:45AM 2006

Just the beginning.......of developments. Keep in mind all juniors are correcting, not just UC.

By dundee

Posted: Thursday Apr 20 9:12:31AM 2006

I got some of the $0.26 shares in the private placement, as did 2 other people I know and we are not insiders. This stock moved pretty fast, yet we have not yet seen any results of the exploration/development programs to give investors some solid indicators of progress. I think we are now in "wait and see" mode.

By jay10000

Posted: Saturday Apr 8 10:06:17AM 2006

I like to cap stocks to a certain percentage of my portfolio and use that to decide when to take profits. I sold some shares this week at .63 but I was in at 10 cents and UC was approaching 50% of my portfolio value. Had to cut it back a bit and manage my risk. Still have plenty of free shares for the "home run" potential. Good luck all! J

By redhornet

Posted: Friday Apr 7 8:19:26PM 2006

Wow,this IS fun,can anybody give any guidence as to when one should profit take?

By oilman_

Posted: Tuesday Apr 4 9:42:43AM 2006

Doren - what is your profit taking price going to be? Guess it is higher than 60 I had to profit take some today cause this is just getting ridiculous.......

By dquinton

Posted: Monday Apr 3 9:33:33AM 2006

It certainly has been a fun ride. More news should be out this week on the financing and lots of news slated during the month of April including drill results, further information on La Dura, and possibly further acquisitions which the company continues to work on. Glad investors are enjoying the share movement.

By wisewun

Posted: Monday Apr 3 9:01:34AM 2006

Boo Yeah...still going higher wisewun

By rookie-investor

Posted: Thursday Mar 23 8:57:55PM 2006

I know that UC is expected to release results next month, but does anyone have any comments on the current stock price and whether there is any chance for violatility (i.e. buying opportunities) in the near future? Any info for a newbie investor would be helpful. Thanks!

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