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UC Resources

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By wisewun

Posted: Friday Mar 3 9:09:34AM 2006

Oilman et al., yeah, hitting 52 week high today..i think by June should be well over .50 IMHO. By then, they should have the mill acquisition, and further assay results released.

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Mar 1 2:13:53PM 2006

There are not currently rigs drilling for UC Resources. They had a rig arrive in Mexico last week and it is currently being fabricated before drilling begins. As mentioned in the press release and in my earlier posting, drilling is expected to commence at the end of March. I would expect that we would start to see some results being publicly disclosed in late April.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Feb 28 6:53:01PM 2006

The press release issued recently said, "Drill contracts have been signed and stage 2 drilling is now scheduled to commence in late March."

By oilman_

Posted: Tuesday Feb 28 1:33:49PM 2006

Wondering if Doren has any idea as to when drill results will be announced?

By bobone

Posted: Monday Feb 27 3:14:46PM 2006

Thanks for the reply. I only started falling this stock last week after I noticed QIS bought into it. After doing my research I liked what I saw and bought in the falling day at twenty two. It could break through into the .30 range if volume holds. Market depth shows approximately 600k up for sale between .265 and .295.

By oilman_

Posted: Monday Feb 27 2:40:27PM 2006

Based on the recent press release, I think that investors are very optimistic with some of the drill results that will be announced in the months ahead. Hamelin (CEO) has done a great job implementing the plans he outlined in 2005, and is ensuring that UC is promoted well. The next drill results press released will likely have a large impact on price and certainly volume. There is much anticipation, and of course, it can swing wildly each way. I believe that the recent press release demonstrates that the odds are in favor of good drill results.

By bobone

Posted: Monday Feb 27 1:52:32PM 2006

Does anyone have a comment on the number of shares traded today?

By oilman_

Posted: Friday Feb 17 3:22:01PM 2006

Would you care to elaborate on what companies would be better and WHY an investor would avoid UC? It appears that UC is poised to make a decent price move with the anticipated results? I also have a sneaking suspician the minepro just was added today and is the same person as gasman.....a hunch.

By minepro

Posted: Friday Feb 17 12:04:26PM 2006

In my opinion, I would avoid this stock. Many better mining stocks out there with way better potential. Becareful of stock dilution on this one. I would sell it while you can.

By oilman_

Posted: Friday Feb 17 11:35:35AM 2006

Does anyone have any idea when phase II drilling will me completed, and if the drilling program for phase II includes the expanded zone?

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