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Undervalued junior oil and gas service company

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By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 12 7:19:05PM 2005

Well done Shadow. CDK/EES has firmed up nicely over the last week.

By shadow

Posted: Tuesday Jul 12 5:40:02PM 2005

gee i checked out ees based on your july 4 posting. i liked whati saw in my research and got 5000 shares last week @.20.itclosed today @ .28. many thanks shadow

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 12:56:12PM 2005

lol ... yea right. Why did you respond so quickly here and then Cal23 respond so quickly on the Stockhouse board. Admit it Cal23 you have been exposed!!!

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 2:33:12PM 2005

You should talk Gee.......based on your postings and what you have told me, you go under smithgee and thebadger1 on stockhouse, and Gee and Charleshan on this message board. Do you have a multiple personality disorder like cal23, Jim Parker, Tom Nelson, Petedraheat, matt, IanC, thebadger (not thebadger1) and julyer. Yes, I am pretty sure these are all the same person. Sort of unlikely that a 10,000,000 share company where the CEO owns a large chunk would have 8 different people come out of nowhere to start pumping.

By julyer

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 1:37:58PM 2005

Sorry Gee, I am new to this board and did not notice that other PF threads had been started. I checked out your other oil and gas service stocks but Pf looks way better

By Gee

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 1:19:48PM 2005

lol ... Hey cal, jul or who ever you are check out LEE, HDY, CDK and GAV for other oil/gas service stocks. PS: In the future instead of starting a new post, just pick up from one of the many other PF posts alread started.

By julyer

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 12:58:19PM 2005

Agh, maybe we both are on the Internet today. Is it a use miracle to have two people on the Internet at the same time. Anyways, I am here to discuss Petrofield so you can claim Prince Abudal is on here if it makes you feel better!

By julyer

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 12:35:24PM 2005

Who and the heck is Cal23. I am new to this board and thought I would contribute. Get a life and a new haircut GEE!

By julyer

Posted: Tuesday Jul 5 12:02:31PM 2005

I scan the high and low columns and noticed a small company called Petrofield. They hit a 52 week low of 35 cents today. After doing some research I think it is a great opportunity to buy. With the amount of wells being drilled in this hot oil and gas patch, sales and profits can only go up for Petrodfield and too get it at a low point sounds good to me. I have a bid at 30 cents for some and I hope I can get some. Can any one tell me the downside? as I peg the value of this company at 50 -55 cents.

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