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v.CTZ Cencotech Inc C$.35

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By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Jan 31 7:39:48PM 2017

CTZ.v posted annual results for year ended 10/31/16.  C$2.4million in sales vs 1.7MM and net before tax of 1,105,942 vs 715,264.  EPS for 2016 is .028.  

Q4 was 682K sales, 245K net profit b4 tax. Final net profit was C$197,198 or .007eps.  Result was slightly below Q3 and annual total of C$826,942.  

Still like this software as a service offering to Banks and merchants to keep track of cash.  Sold thru Brinks Armoured Car.  Stock isn't cheap at over 20X 2016 eps but because it's software, if they sell to new customers, the gross margins are excellent.  

By Flipper

Posted: Tuesday Oct 18 9:28:47PM 2016

CTZ broke out to record highs today. Still undervalued IMO


By Flipper

Posted: Monday Oct 3 9:00:17PM 2016

I think CTZ has tremendous value at these prices. Trading at just over 10x annualized Q3 earnings. This for a company that grew revenues 58% and operating income 78%. Remember that approx 70% of earnings are recurring. What they made this quarter will be what they make in subsequent quarters plus any growth. All R&D costs are expensed. No funny accounting going on here.

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Sep 28 10:49:11AM 2016

Wow, another big pop in CTZ.v  +.115 to C$.59  Decent, not huge volume.  Somebody must want it.  Huge spread so it could drop back easily to C$.50.  Need more results like Q3.

By Bobwins

Posted: Tuesday Sep 27 4:25:09PM 2016

CTZ.v  +.10 to C$.475   Big pop today after Q3 financial reports.


Earned C$444,128 (.02eps) for Q3 on revs of C$711,778.  YTD revs for 9 months is 1,768,086 vs 1,251,681 in 2015.  

Earned 860,744 or .03eps vs 649,522(.02eps) in 2015.  


Converting from selling software licenses to SaaS so big lumpy revs are less likely in the future.  The growing revs should be sustainable. This company sells cash management software. 


The subsidiary that actually sells to customers is NamSys, Inc.  Here is the link to the website:




By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Apr 13 8:13:00AM 2016

Cencotech Inc is a holding company.  Currently their only operating subsidiary is NamSys Inc. , 

which develops packaged software and SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions for processing cash in the retail, financial services, armored carrier and public transit authority markets.

NamSys is profitable.  Their fye is October.  FYE 10/15 revs were 1.7million and net profits C$934K or .03eps.  Their biggest customer at 30% of revs is Brinks.  Brinks sells NamSys's software under their own brand.  

There are some fairly big non cash items in the P&L.  Since most of the customers and revs are in the US, there is a substantial adjustment for the US$/CAD exchange rate.  The falling C$ boosted this item in fye 10/15 but the loonie has recovered some so this adjustment will likely be smaller in fye2016.  There is also a deferred tax adjustment.  CTZ began subtracting income tax in 2015 so net profit was down slightly in 2015.  P/E ratio is around 10.


Here is the NamSys website that describes the software:



I found this stock because of a report done by Keith Schafer and an associate that publish SmallCap Discoveries.  The report highlighted 10 stocks under C$10million market cap.  v.CTZ was one of those stocks and the one that Schafer actually holds stock in.  


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