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vff Village farms 1.33 on tsx

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By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Jan 26 12:52:28PM 2011

Village Farms is showing good volume and the share price has started to move up a touch. They refinanced their debt that was coming due this year. I think there could be some good upside here long term. This stock once traded as high as $11.00.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Dec 14 10:58:55AM 2010

The freezing weather in Florida is great for Village Farms as they do only hothouse growing. I expect the price for their product to jump. More importantly, the cold winter weather in the southern US the past 2 winters has caused a number of farmers to "throw in the towel" so to speak re growing field tomatoes and local stores like Publix etc will look to Village Farms more and more. I expect to see news of refinancing by year end. That will help the share price.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Nov 9 9:21:19AM 2010

3rd q numbers came out today and I think they were much better than expected. The 3rd q is always the slowest and usually a big money loser. However the loss was small (1 cent a share) and ebidta was quite good. On track to make 19 cents US for 2010. Should be trading at $2.00 not $1.35. I think next year could see a nice jump in earnings. Great cash flow and paying down debt each quarter. High barriers to entry bc of their technology and systems-- most profitable hothouse operations in North America. And they appear to be on target with some very nice margin expansion plans. Ag is showing interest and this one could see multi year growth. Been around for 25 years so they know the business.

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Oct 22 10:15:32AM 2010

Cormark just made a 500,000 block trade between themselves @ 1.35. Likely its a sale from a significant insider who has agreed to free up shares to an institutional buyer. Very common to see this. Share price movement is a matter of fundamentals, liquidity and promotion. The pieces are falling into place.

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Oct 20 7:13:17PM 2010

Undervalued and little known agriculture play. Run hothouse/greenhouse growing operations for vegetables in US and Canada. Stock once traded as high as $12.00. On the mend and a nice turnaround play. Tons of possible upside with their plans for large expansion of their greenhouses. They employ proprietary technology and methodology to get fantastic yields of hothouses. Use much less water. In Canada over 50% of tomatos bought in stores are from hothouses; in US its only 10%. Recent droughts and crzy weather has caused a increasing demand for hothouse vegetables and VFF does most of its business in the US: Publix alone accounts for about 10% of their revenue. Safeway is also big customer. I think they will get noticed by the pros(sic) eventually . I see the stock trading at this base of $1.35-$1.40 with $2.00 within next few months.

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