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By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Nov 13 8:59:19AM 2013

Their 3rd q numbers may be out this week. Stock price up to 1.30.  

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Nov 1 7:53:52AM 2013

I mentioned clearwater as a company simiiar to vff. ( not exactly the same as fish is a higher value commodity than vegetables-) 

clr just announced a dvidend and stock is up close to 6.40 a share. The stock has increased 4-fold in 2.5 years. Turnaround companies offer those kind of rewards.


I think VFF could offer similar upside.  QIS posters arnd readers  should do their  own DD.        

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Oct 28 9:16:11AM 2013

Village farms announced last Thursday that they are going to be rebuilding one of their lost greenhouses that was destroyed by hail. The cost to rebuild will be paid out of the insurance proceeds that the company received and therefore no additional debt will be taken on or shares issued to raise capital. While the greenhouse only contributes about 10% of the company's revenue it is the most profitable part of the company's operations and therefore once the greenhouse is operational next spring it ought to contribute more than 10% of the company's profits. This is not necessarily the most exciting company however it does have good growth prospects. At one time the company paid a dividend and I suspect that the dividend will be reinstated although when I'm not sure.

Finally, the company has proprietary technology to  significantly increase yield and reduce costs .they have been experimenting with the technology for some time.  If their technology is successful then it can be deployed by other operators and I suspect the company at that point  would consider joint ventures. So there is upside to that part as well.


A little bit Meanwhile the share price has moved up, Finally,  finally Finally,

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Oct 16 10:51:57AM 2013

I have been building a position in this stock. I think it could be  a  great turnaround story. They may make as much as 7 cents/share  for the q ended sept 30.  They just switched banks to bmo and got a bettter rate and larger operating line. That is always a good sign. Reminds me of clearwater 2 years ago. Clr went from 1.50 to 5.00 plus in the 2 years. I think vff may have that kind of potential.   

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