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By murrayn

Posted: Friday May 9 8:44:09AM 2014

VFF will be issuing their 1st q numbers before the market opens next Thursday, May 15th. This will be the 1st q that are post-insurance issues and I think they may indicate that the company has turned the corner. Tomato prices are up siginficantly from last year and that ought to flow to the bottom line.  

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Apr 18 12:49:46AM 2014

Village Farms hit a 52 week high on Thursday and closed at $1.70. The first  quarter numbers come out 2nd week of May. If my hunches are correct the share price will be north of $2.00 by end of May. That is a conservative target.



By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Mar 26 11:20:01AM 2014

Village Farms was referred to in an article in Bloomberg on Monday.


FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL), the biggest publicly traded U.S. fuel-cell manufacturer, is providing a power plant for a C$7.5 million ($6.7 million) project to convert landfill gas into electricity and carbon dioxide that nourishes plants at a greenhouse facility in British Columbia.

Village Farms International Inc. combined the fuel cell with a system from Quadrogen Power Systems Inc. that collects and separates landfill gas, the Vancouver-based grower said today in a statement. One stream of gas powers the fuel cell, while “food-grade” carbon dioxide is used to feed plants.

Fuel cells convert natural gas into electricity, heat and hydrogen through a chemical reaction. Danbury, Connecticut-based FuelCell is seeking additional uses for its power plants to make them more cost competitive with electricity produced from burning fossil fuels.

Carbon dioxide accounts for about 25 percent of plants’ yields, and increasing the supply will spur growth and boost production of oxygen through photosynthesis, Village Farms said in the statement.

To contact the reporter on this story: Christopher Martin in New York at

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Mar 21 10:13:41AM 2014

This stock is no pacific ethanol but I listened to the conference call yesterday and the replies to questions ( including mine) and came away quite impressed. Margins have really started to improove accross the board, and especially with their specialty products.   

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Mar 17 7:39:35AM 2014

yr end numbers came out. Very few can figure out what they mean because of insurance proceeds. Investors will probably wait until end of 1st q to get better picture of inprovment in business and financials. What press release does not say is that tomato prices have increased 10% in 2014. As well, the 20 acre greenhouse  that are were recently rebuilt and which revenue will show up this year has higher margins then other greenhouses.


Company's texas assets alone worth 80 million or $2.00 a share. The share price of VFF will steadlily climb over 2014. I think the share price ought to  double by year end ( ie by December 31 2014) to $3.20          

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Mar 13 10:12:20AM 2014

Village Farms recently posted a presentation dated Feb 2014. It sounds like the company did a road show or conference call with institutions or brokers in the past 30 days. That may explain the increased share price volume.  

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Feb 26 9:05:37AM 2014

One of my long term holdings is finally waking up. With their margins increasing I think its a nice turnaround play. Hit new high today

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