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By slyder

Posted: Thursday Nov 6 9:40:17PM 2003

"It was further announced in a subsequent clarification press release that WestBond is presently only operating at approximately 17% of available capacity leaving ample room for future growth."... Hi Doren, Any reason as to why Westbond in only operating at 17% capacity? Is it because of lack of demand or is it because of the delays in getting the new machine online? slyder

By dquinton

Posted: Thursday Nov 6 4:02:02PM 2003

The commissioning of the new machine is one more step in WestBond’s aggressive expansion program. The new machine will allow the company to produce roll products that cannot be run on the existing machine, allowing WestBond to service additional areas and increase revenues. The new machine will also allow the company to dedicate one machine to bathroom tissue and the other to roll towel products. Lower costs and higher profit margins will result from the elimination of changeover downtime and from reduced wear and tear on certain components. The company continues to work on the second machine which will introduce new product lines and add additional revenues from existing and new clients. This machine has taken much longer than anticipated but I understand that it is now getting very close. With the larger machine up and running, the focus can now turn to the toilet paper machine.

By eagle

Posted: Thursday Nov 6 6:53:47AM 2003

I see Westbond has the new equipment purchased in September up & running & product is being shipped. Sounds like it took longer than planned, but should open up what was a fairly serious bottleneck. Anything new on the refurbished equipment, or has the focus been on getting the new one going?

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Oct 22 10:12:17PM 2003

The company is presently working on the second quarter results and could have them ready as early as the 10th of November. I would expect the press release in that middle week. The second quarter should be a very good quarter but will not yet include revenues from the expansion. A portion of this expansion should show up in the third quarter (ending Dec 31) but the majority will show up in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year. WestBond appears to be performing exceptionally well.

By Gee

Posted: Wednesday Oct 22 5:29:10PM 2003

I have been watching WBE for a month or so now. When is the next Quarter results expected? In which quarter can we expect the revenue generated from the expansion to show up in? Thanks, Gee.

By Jimbo

Posted: Tuesday Oct 21 9:34:08AM 2003

Hi Again Fordy I am glad you held on to WBE and kept a significant number of shares waiting for the next rally. Like you I was holding 35000 shares that I bought at an average price of .15 and sold at .24 for a nice profit. Now I am holding 5000 shares bought at .30 and looking for one of two things to happen. The share value dropping back to .15 ( not likely) so I can re-invest with more shares. The present share value to rally above .30 and I can hope for another profit. Back to wait and see. Thanks for sharing Jimbo back to .15 would be nice,but not likely to happen so I will hold and hope

By Jimbo

Posted: Monday Oct 20 8:06:26AM 2003

Hi Fordy I am in the same position with WBE and am watching the stock to see if the share value drops enough to re-invest. I was holding a significant number of shares and sold the majority in September with a nice profit of about 51% At the time I sold,I bought 5000 shares which I thought was the begining of a rally and expected the share value to go up enough to justify the purchase at .30. I still have faith in WBE and if the drops enough,I may buy back in again to lower my average purchase price. If I sell now it will mean a loss,so I will watch and wait. Thanks Jimbo

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