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WestBond Enterprises earns $12,529 in Q3

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By oilerzz

Posted: Saturday Mar 18 7:13:46AM 2006

Gain control... there you go!

By dundee

Posted: Friday Mar 17 9:23:00PM 2006

"WBE is clearly a case of Mr. President has all the shares and will move at his own pace." With all due respect, you really need to check your facts. According to the most recent management information circular, Mr. Magistrale, the president of the company, owns only 877,708 shares of the approximately 10 million currently issued - thats less than 9% - he hardly owns "all of the shares." In fact, it would likely be pretty easy for a non-management group to gain enough proxies to oust him if they really wanted to.

By oilerzz

Posted: Friday Mar 17 5:37:19AM 2006

Well, what a joke this is. Mr. Gennaro "DO I EVER MOVE SLOW" Magistrale reports, Bla,Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla.. $4,000/month profit. What a deception and continuous distortion of expectations WBE does for investors. What is this Company doing Public. It is ran by a Slow moving control freak that pretends to be public but behaves has private. Most small business make over what this so called $2Million company does. What an embarrassment this should be. Poor Sorry Investors.

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