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By oilspout

Posted: Sunday Dec 11 11:12:22AM 2005

I see absolutely nothing wrong with the way Doren conducts his business. Its a free service, the research is good, and did I say its a free service. If stocks take a run after Doren puts out a report, I guess his research is well respected. Keep up the good work Doren. As always do your own DD.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Sunday Dec 11 10:09:28AM 2005

Get serious????? Okay, I understand that you can moderate this board as you see fit, but I just have a few concerns about some of your processes. Firstly, many people follow this site, as I have seen it referenced on many boards. There is evidence to support buying of companies on this board after it begins to be followed here. Do you, Doren, at least see why some might be a little wary when you pick up the shares that you want and then release your info report. I realize you get no fees and are not making a buy/sell recommendation. But in industry, no firm allows the researchers to purchase prior to release of a research report, if it is known that a report is being prepared. Why do you think that is, Doren???????????????????? Is your site based on benevolence, providing us all with your insights and research, or is it an opportunity to make gains on stocks you know people will likely follow, and pick up a couple of investment relations contract on the way. Keep in mind, these are simply my opinions, and Doren has provided many reasons as to why the above may not be true. I just feel in a fair and equitable forum, I should be able to tell other what my thoughts are regarding the information presented. If you remove this, I can only assume you only want items posted that serve your personal benefit, sort of my point to begin with.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Friday Dec 9 1:37:17PM 2005

I have removed this post sorry Broke

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 11:09:47PM 2005

I have removed this post sorry BROKE

By dundee

Posted: Friday Dec 9 5:38:03PM 2005

lol - Doren beat me to the posting!

By dquinton

Posted: Friday Dec 9 5:36:47PM 2005

Get serious Broke - I provide the independent analysis for the companies I purchase in the online portfolio free of charge to investors like I do the information on which companies I have personally invested in. I am an information provider and as such I will provide as much information and disclosure as I can. Would you rather me not post any information about the companies I have invested in? I will not write further on this matter. This is not a discussion forum to launch personal attacks or other ridiculous postings. If you have some pertinent information to provide please do so in your postings. Postings that contain no insight into stocks and no information will be deleted.

By Broke in Canada

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 8:22:39PM 2005

Do you guys have any opinions on Anterra. I looked at Atr again and I really like it.

By oiler

Posted: Thursday Dec 8 11:26:11AM 2005

Thanks Broke, I am expecting 10-15% gain from CZE for my temporary money, and still seeking the better one with potential DOUBLE SIZE soon.

By Gee

Posted: Wednesday Dec 7 2:01:55PM 2005

It sure does look undervalued ... one house seems to be blowing out a position and keeping the price down ... once they clear it should start a nice uptrend. I am in today at .50 cents.

By dquinton

Posted: Wednesday Dec 7 2:01:09PM 2005

Yes - we are in the process of writing the report and should have something out tomorrow or Friday. We are a little occupied right now getting the oil and gas charts completed. The charts should be posted today or tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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