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Your Top Five Holdings

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By rodball

Posted: Wednesday Oct 31 7:45:02AM 2007

Thanks, dundee, for your time and efforts in compiling this data!

By joshpacific

Posted: Wednesday Oct 31 3:46:05AM 2007

Thanks for all the work Dundee! I look forward to year end results and to posting our new top picks for 2008. Josh

By dundee

Posted: Monday Oct 29 11:00:12PM 2007

Someone just brought up the topic recently and suggested that we tabulate the year to date numbers. Yes, I will do it again at year end if there is interest.

By dundee

Posted: Monday Oct 29 5:21:41PM 2007

Ok, I have the results. Consider this the last chance to tell me if you do not want your results posted here. I will post the results tomorrow.

By woodstove

Posted: Sunday Oct 28 8:05:59PM 2007

My top five ... Raydan Mfg (RDN - TSVX) - like their products & potential Empire Co (EMP.A - TSX) - good return over decades timespan Hyduke (HYD - TSX) - unloved but eventually will become so Berkshire (BRK.B - NYSE) - another long term ballast stock Silver Ishares (SLV - AMEX) - commodity, and currency hedge Cheers, ws

By molly

Posted: Wednesday Sep 26 1:16:57PM 2007

Is SHF done or will it trade again? My dud for the year?

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Wednesday Jul 11 7:51:07PM 2007

Much has changed - got rid of the losers ADA averaged down to 0.95 now 1.20 POT in at 73 now over 80 ELR in at 2.15 now 2.50 SXL awaiting pop CML in at .92, now 1.00 OIL recently added at 13.00 looking to add PBG Missed out on SXR 12.7, SGR 0.99 & STP 3.00 (if you got in at thelse levels you would have made out like a bandit!!) GLTA

By jasper

Posted: Tuesday Jul 10 6:20:37PM 2007

Thanks alot, Josh!

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Sunday Apr 8 9:54:32PM 2007

Recently added PBX, TJS and IRK on dips Still have SXL, TEL, ADA GLTA

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Monday Mar 26 4:48:10PM 2007

Shinny Well speak of the devil LIM is going to get bought out at 18.50 so I cashed out at 19.00. Now it is going to be LBE or more FNI. I like the potential of FNI. Thoughts?

By jamesbond2509

Posted: Saturday Mar 24 10:23:56AM 2007

My latest are FNI.V bought in at .80 SXL.V bought in at 0.14 Royal Bank bought in at 48.00 SOX.V bought in at 1.10 LIM bought in at 14.00 Recently picked up TJS due to the size ofthe deposit in the ground & hoping for a buyout by BLE Good Luck!

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Feb 15 6:43:50PM 2007

two fo my top 5 picks had nice jumps this week GDI.UN on an increase in their unit distibution and mgo on their earnings.


Posted: Saturday Feb 10 6:42:06AM 2007

I just blew out 2 stocks that I was holding EON and LEE and have only two now ADA and SXL - large in both. Some cash left. Staying out of oil until the market comes back. Some good companies in oil, however not being properly valued at the moment. A geopolitical event (Iran?) would change oil in a hurry.

By molly

Posted: Friday Feb 9 10:09:45AM 2007

My top 5 are:Long term holds Most recent and avg price Shift networks SHF .09 Tim Hortons THI 30.85 Hardwoods HWD.UN 4.94 + 14+yield Axia AXX 2.25 Alliance Imaging AIQ 4.75 Also hold WPS,FNI,S

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Feb 7 4:10:54PM 2007

will do stocklad

By dundee

Posted: Wednesday Feb 7 12:34:14PM 2007

sure thing Stocklad. Thank you for sharing your stock picks with us - I can tell from your picks that we share a lot in common in terms of what we look for in stocks. I owned BFS years ago and did quite well with it. I will revisit it again. I will keep the results of your portfolio private as requested.

By checkmate

Posted: Wednesday Feb 7 12:03:59PM 2007

my top 5 holdings are, dkam-drinks america holdings aagh bpa ple goz

By keljo

Posted: Wednesday Jan 31 8:42:27PM 2007

Just new to this board and QIS. Good discussions my top five are all juniors and are all very speculative. GRH.VN Great gold properties and good partner. price has been beat up lately but has lots of potential.(Seems to be getting some interest in last few days) THV.VN Uranium with great land holdings in Athabasca Basin ABN.VN another uranium in Athabasca Basin (very low float) TAS.VN another uranium in Athabasca Basin (very low float) just bought this on advice from a usually reliable source CQC.VN Gold getting tired of holding

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Jan 30 1:44:16PM 2007

new to this board. my 5 favorites are: general donlee gdi.un zenn motors znn zecotek medical zms triant tnt Migao corporation mgo I also like Wanted technologies WAN and energold EGD

By valueman

Posted: Monday Jan 1 4:10:12PM 2007

Pacific Insight Manulife Bank of America Lifeco Split Corp Bank of Nova Scotia Split Corp Dundee - what are yours?

By valueman

Posted: Sunday Dec 31 9:03:39AM 2006

Dogie - take a close look at PIH. I really think this is a great company trading at a cheap valuation. They make money, they have bought back their stock, management owns a lot of it, the founders run the place. It only trades at 10X earnings, no debt (they just finished paying it off), grat prospects with new products in their electronic module division (mainly for class 8 trucks). This stock may not be getting the attention it owes because everyone hates the auto sector and auto parts sector. They are really not exposed to auto (only 8% of revenues). Lastly, check out Q1 gross margins - 29%!!! They have really improved their margins, and all this with a 1.12 US/CDN $. Now the US$ is 1.16!!!! Looks good to me.

By joshpacific

Posted: Sunday Dec 31 2:02:57AM 2006

Iplayco (IPC, TSX Venture) Memory Pharmaceuticals (MEMY, NASDAQ) Agrium (AGU, NYSE) Unique Broadband Systems (UBS, TSX Venture) PW Eagle (PWEI, NASDAQ) I hold 6 more approximately the same size. Happy New Year!

By jude

Posted: Saturday Dec 30 7:06:23AM 2006

My top 5 holdings are the following: Talisman (TLM) Niko Resources (NKO) Quest Capital (QC) Eyelogic Systems (EYE.A) Asian TV (SAT)

By largeinvest

Posted: Saturday Dec 30 6:42:40AM 2006

RVX.TO - Looking for a buyout HPX.TO - Production going to 23k end of Q1, 200 million capex budget

By griffith

Posted: Friday Dec 29 8:34:32AM 2006

Current top holdings for me are AIQ SAT SLK WIN SXL Happy New Year, everyone!

By valueman

Posted: Thursday Dec 28 11:00:12AM 2006

Stocklad - Thanks for the highlight of Intequest - looks really good. BUT - I have never seen so many "related party " transactions and continigent transctions on a balance sheet before????!!!

By Bobwins

Posted: Wednesday Dec 27 7:27:30AM 2006 Pink sheet hopefully moving to a better exchange in 2007. 6 jt venture projects in Mexico with 3 moving into production in 2007. Tara has 2 base metal projects that they will likely keep 100% and start production in early 2007. Share price could be in the $3 range by year from current 1.05 HBM Hudbay continues to be a cash machine. Zinc should move up in price as supplies are constrained and steel remains in high demand LMC Another base metal play. Like HBM, LMC has both copper and zinc production. The copper component will likely fall in relative price offsetting any rise in zinc. Both of these stocks will have very low mid single digit p/e ratios as their earnings with current metals prices become apparent. PBG Petrobank is my triple threat oil sands play. They have Canadian natural gas and are drilling furiously to obtain current cashflow. Current production is around 2500-3000bpd. They have Columbian production of around 2500bpd. Columbia is scheduled to double production in 2007. They have a huge acreage position of over a million acres in Columbia and will begin exploration in 2007 beyond their original successful development. Petrobank also is testing the THAI process, a much more environmentally sound process to extract tar sands. Three test wells should be in place by Q1 2007. If successful, THAI could replace SAGD as the standard method of tar sands and heavy oil extraction. PBG has 1.6 billion barrels of tar sand resource. They will drill more of their land to increase this estimate. If Thai is successful, their resource will also go up significantly. THAI reclaims up to 75% of the oil in the ground vs 30-45% for SAGD. TGA This is the remains of a big winner for me. TGA will start exploring their Egypt concession in 2007. They have 30,000 sq miles of land and have selected sites for three test wells in 07. They are also beginning exploration of a new section in Yemen. As my top five indicate, I am a commodities and energy bull. Bobwins

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