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Zapata - Doren

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By mel

Posted: Tuesday May 9 12:30:44PM 2006

Currently at another new high of $16.15, after hitting $16.25 today!

By digger

Posted: Monday May 8 7:25:36PM 2006

Nice to see ZCO close the day at their 52 week high of $16.00. Is it not common for split stocks to often continue their uptrend after the split (as opposed to reverse splits/consolidations which generally, sooner or later, head the other way) least in my experiences.

By goose

Posted: Wednesday May 3 1:58:21PM 2006

Wondering why this company is trading at such a high discount to NAV. Is this because their cash flows need to increase? Maybe higher cash flows in 2006 will narrow the gap between price and NAV. In any event, seems like a bargain at these levels. Any thoughts about this being a buyout target? Surprising as well that it still trades on the venture.

By geezer

Posted: Monday May 1 2:06:04PM 2006

It closed up $1.24 to $16.00, setting a new 52 week high...makes up for the movement today (the other way) of AXX.

By mel

Posted: Wednesday Apr 12 11:52:37AM 2006

Currently at $14.90 on all of 25000 shares (which is considerably more than usual).

By geezer

Posted: Saturday Apr 1 10:35:08AM 2006

digger, have you heard when their next set of numbers will be out?

By digger

Posted: Monday Jan 9 5:45:28PM 2006

Nice to see it close above $15 ($15.25), after hitting $15.45 today. Volume was even above 10 000 which is something for ZCO.

By mel

Posted: Friday Jan 6 7:03:37PM 2006

It closed out the week at $15.00.

By sherwood

Posted: Wednesday Dec 28 6:13:49PM 2005

Up $0.50 today to $14.80. Hopefully, it can break through the $15.00 level.

By dquinton

Posted: Tuesday Dec 13 12:48:16PM 2005

I like Zapata - In fact I remember meeting with management in the offices of Danoil when their stock was trading around $1. I have always liked their fundamentals but have never gotten around to purchasing any. Based on current production of 3,200 boepd (50% gas), I am estimating their annualized cash flow to be about $30 to $34 million or $3.65 to $4.14 per share. The stock is presently trading at about 3.5 times cash flow. I can find cheaper companies (lower price to cash flow) and I can most certainly find more expensive companies. Most of their recent growth has come through commodity prices rather than production additions although they have had a decent growth profile. The stock price is relative as market capitalization really determines the valuation of the corporation but I do have a hard time paying $14 for a share in a company when I am so accustomed to the penny stocks. Worthy of more due diligence for those that are interested.

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