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By largeinvest

Posted: Monday May 7 10:43:00AM 2007

Info comes from my source who allowed me to post this. Zox is in the ZEOLITE buisness. General use is for Kitty litter. ZOX has no interest in this. They have worked for years on other applications. When it became clear that several of their new applications were proving to work, they started to go out and get as much of a monopoly on the high grade zeolite deposits in North America. This is kinda where there are now. What are some of the potential new applications, 1. it has use as drill hole cement for the oil and gas sector. Haliburton tested the product and found it saves them $20,000-$50,000 per hole drilled. The cement is also lighter,harder and dries faster than conventional cement 2. They have found a way to upgrade "B" grade zeolites to "A" grade. This is big due to the limited supplies of the A grade stuff needed in their applications. 3. OIL SANDS, it is being tested at a CANADIAN univesity in conjunction with a MAJOR iolsands producer. It is shown to be able to increase recovery of oil by and estimated %8 by adding this and agitating the sand. It also greatly reduces power cost cause the dont have to use steam just warm water. 3. OIL Sands, when added to the pipeline oil, it increases viscosity and produces better flow rates thru the pipe. It also eliminates the need for the harmeful chemicals currently used for that purpose. 4. Pollution filter, Zeolites were used in the Chrnoble cleanup. ZOX has adapted the technology to use it on waste dumps to absorb pollutants

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Canadian Small Caps

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