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zun on venture exchange $2.00

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By oneviking

Posted: Monday Jun 20 12:22:51PM 2011

WOW... ZUN down to 1.88 today - just off of its low set last Sept. Seems cheap - China related selloffs may be way overdone on this one.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday May 26 11:03:53AM 2011

3rd q of 9 cents/share was 2 cents better thn the one or 2 analysts that follow them. Lets hope this is the start of increase in share price.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Feb 8 10:16:21AM 2011

Zunn appears to be starting next leg up. After trading in range of 2.60-2.75 for a while it now has very good support at $2.85-$2.90 range. Good depth of buyers come in to pick up shares whenever share price price comes down. Looks like another deep pocket buyer has stepped up to the plate. The 2nd q numbers come out end of Feb.

By murrayn

Posted: Wednesday Jan 19 8:32:24AM 2011

I noticed on Zun that every time the share price looks to increase a seller pops up to bring the price down. The sales are for small volume and they are not reported by INK as sales by insiders. Meanwhile the company has been buying back stock, as reported at the INK site. I have seen this kind of trading before but not to this duration. Very odd. At the risk of making generalizations I see this most often where the equity is Asia based.Those markets tend to be very volatile and brokers may be making these trades to scare current shareholders to sell. Anyone else seen this before?

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Jan 7 9:35:23AM 2011

Zun has been trading sideways for the past month. A block today of 1.5 million shares, largest ever, at $2.65 may indicate that all the small positions that have been overhanging the price are sold. The company and insiders have been buying back shares.

By murrayn

Posted: Monday Dec 20 9:02:52AM 2010

Zun has been buying back shares, inside buying and sedar disclosed today that they granted options to a number of officers and directors @2.65. I regard these moves to be typically bullish. I expect to see nice share price appreciation in 2011.

By murrayn

Posted: Friday Dec 3 7:41:59AM 2010

Zun on sale today(2.60-26.65). Buyers at 2.00 range selling to lock in profits. No insider selling. Great opportunity. I am adding to my already large position. This one ought to hit 5.00 plus within 12 months. Cash of 1.47 a share and trailng 44 cents 4q earnings makes this no brainer. Margins will only get batter in 2011 with new operations( higher margin when do less outsourcing) and more corporate stores I can even see Nike or other company taking them out or buying in to get into lower price market. Table pounding buy but sellling will likely continue until end of year. Blocks at 2.65 recently to funds and institutions suggests that is floor. Watch for share price increase in ealy 2011.

By murrayn

Posted: Tuesday Oct 12 12:39:24PM 2010

stock tradng north of $3.00 today on good volume.

By murrayn

Posted: Saturday Oct 2 8:23:54PM 2010

year end numbers came out. made 48 cents a share for the year. Cash of 1.25 a share. Stock up to $2.85. Should go much higher. I can see $4.50 by December 31.

By knobizumi

Posted: Wednesday Sep 22 8:12:30PM 2010

Beautiful call so far on ZUN murray. $2.45 today...up about 30% in about 3 weeks.

By murrayn

Posted: Thursday Sep 16 8:53:44PM 2010

Sorry it took so long to reply as I just noticed your post. The block trades the past week of trading at 2-2.10 might be construed as encouraging, ahead of the year end numbers. As well, there was inside buying by the cfo at year end at much higher prices. There was a blackout period restricting trading by insiders once year end came. The numbers for the first 9 months are very compelling.

By murrayn

Posted: Sunday Sep 5 6:13:59PM 2010

I should have mentioned they are also a retailer: franchsie and corproate owned stores. Year end numbers come out end of sept and I think they wioll make more than 40 cents a share. p/e of 5 seems cheap.

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