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Junior Oil & Gas Service Company Comparison Charts - March 2013 - March 15th 2013

This version of QIS Capital's Service Company Comparison Charts compares the latest results for 10 small-cap companies as at March 15, 2013. The data table compares: revenues, cash flow, earnings, EBITDA, gross and net margins, working capital, long-term debt, book value, and several key ratios including debt to equity, current ratio, quick ratio, earnings multiples and price to book value.


Please note that when viewing this PDF file, you may need to zoom in until the text is large enough to read.


The complete list of companies included in this month's charts:



Cordy Oilfield Services - (CKK:TSX-V)
Dalmac Energy - (DAL:TSX-V)
Divestco - (DVT:TSX)
Enterprise Oilfield - (E:TSX)
Essential Energy Services - (ESN:TSX)
Hyduke Energy Services - (HYD:TSX)
Macro Enterprises - (MCR:TSX-V)
Questor Technology - (QST:TSX-V)
Titan Logix - (TLA:TSX-V)
Wenzel Downhole Tools - (WZL:TSX)


If you notice an error in these charts, or would like to update or add your company's data, please email us at


Disclaimer: These charts were completed by QIS Capital Corp. based on information provided in public documents. While care has been taken in the preparation of these charts, the accuracy of such is not guaranteed. Any forecasts provided by QIS Capital are based on available information and our outlook for the company's prospects and the industry in general. Changes in corporate developments, the energy industry, or inaccuracies in our projections may cause actual results to differ significantly from QIS Capital's forecasts. QIS Capital is not liable for any differences between forecasted results and actual results. These comparison charts should not be construed as offering investment advice. Investors should consult with a qualified and registered investment professional before making any investment decisions. These charts are subject to change without notice. QIS Capital received no fees for the inclusion of any company in these comparison charts.

Key Information

Publish Date: Mar. 15/13
Number of Companies: 10

PDF Research Report

Canadian Small Caps

Canadian Small Caps

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