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QIS Update #12 2015 - September 11th 2015

Included in this update:

  • NTG Clarity Networks launches evolutionary new software solution called Stage EM and announces the first commercial sale of the product



Following our email to subscribers sent out on September 8, 2015 that introduced the company, QIS Capital has now posted a new 2-page profile for Quattro Exploration and Production (QXP:TSX-V) in the Feature Companies section of the website.

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Also, the feature company profile for Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (LUX:CSE) has recently been updated and posted in the Feature Companies section of the website.

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NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (NCI:TSX-V)

Current Price: $0.27 (coverage commenced Feb. 4/10 - $0.045)


NTG Clarity Networks Inc. has announced the first successful implementation of its evolutionary software called Stage EM. A city of about 300,000 people in the Middle-East chose Stage EM as the centerpiece for their efforts to innovate and automate the process of managing, maintaining and scheduling a variety of projects in its Public Works Operations. The contract value is $100,000.

“We are pleased that Stage EM was able to resolve the significant challenges the city faced relating to its efficiency objective,” stated Ashraf Zaghloul, NTG Clarity’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This is our first implementation and we are in negotiations with several other customers. The Stage EM software solution is innovative and has a low cost of entry. Solutions such as Stage EM are in high demand by organizations globally. This also demonstrates the expansion of NTG into other business verticals such as municipalities and increases NTG’s product sales which have higher margins and recurring support revenue.”

At the heart of this implementation of Stage EM is the Projects and Portfolio Management Module. A typical company or department will have many on-going projects, each having their own budget, timeframe and objectives. Each project may have studies, tenders, contracts, billings, payments, milestones, and analysis. Currently, most of this process in a typical company is run manually with the help of spreadsheets. Stage EM, however, automates the entire project process. By automating the process, the company has a real time integrated solution to track the company’s performance on a portfolio and project basis. By integrating projects, resources and finances, the company now has the means to make decisions to optimize its performance. For example, if one project is delayed, the manager can determine how much funds may be allotted to another project to expedite completion. Stage EM issues alerts for delays, approves extensions, monitor warranties and helps with post project analysis.


NTG Clarity Networks Inc. has announced the launch of its evolutionary software “Stage Enterprise Management.” Stage EM is a goal-focused integrated solution that improves organizational efficiency by integrating strategic planning, business planning, demand and capacity management, operation optimization, portfolio project management and analytics. The full suite of software will be available in Q4 2015. NTG is already trialing some of the modules with customers who have expressed their interest in purchasing the full suite.

“Stage EM is a game changer for the company,” stated Ashraf Zaghloul, NTG Clarity’s CEO. “The software solution is innovative, cost effective and is in high demand by organizations across all industries globally. Stage EM provides us the opportunity to easily enter new markets and new industries while still servicing our existing customer base and markets. Launching new evolutionary software solutions will help NTG meet its aggressive growth targets. We are very pleased to launch Stage EM to help organizations resolve significant challenges that they face related to meeting organizational objectives of growth and efficiency and to make good decisions during uncertainty by controlling risks.”

The Stage EM software solution solves many problems that all companies currently face:

  • a) How to monitor in real time, in an integrated fashion, projects, finances and resources on a portfolio basis.
  • b) How to monitor, on a strategic basis, the various projects’ status and the effects of that status on financial targets and strategy, on a bottom-line basis.
  • c) How to allocate resources and priorities for various projects to optimally meet demand in accordance with strategic priorities.
  • d) Process automation, optimization and a way to simultaneously monitor portfolio, projects, resources and finances in real time.
  • e) An evolutionary way to monitor strategic planning.
  • f) A new way to manage demand and capacity management, and project management.


Stage EM will be cloud-enabled and will support integration through standard interfaces in connectivity to a company’s ERP, HRS and other applications. The software will be priced from $50,000 for a small company module to about $500,000 plus for a large organization implementation.

QIS Capital: Stage EM is an important new development for NTG Clarity which introduces a new revenue stream with recurring components. The software will start to show some impact in Q3 is expected to have a much bigger impact on Q4.

The company’s shares have come off sharply since Q2 results and a general freefall in the small-cap markets. NTG Clarity earned $0.024 in the first half of 2015 and is forecasting growth for the remainder of the year. The company also has no long-term debt and has positive working capital of $6.8 million or $0.19 per share. NTG Clarity is currently trading at just over 1x earnings net of working capital. The company has been active with its normal course issuer bid recently purchasing 90,000 shares at an average price of $0.328.


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