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QIS Update #5 - 2019 - Deer Horn Capital enters strategic partnerships - April 11th 2019

Included in this update:

- Deer Horn Announces Partnership with Prominent First Nation Entrepreneur

- Deer Horn Signs Strategic Partnership with Fenix Advanced Materials



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Conference Call - We are hoping to put together a conference call with Deer Horn Capital (DHC:CSE) management on Tuesday, April 23rd at 3:00EST (12:00 PST). Please email if you are interested in joining this call as it will only be held if a minimum number of participants register. Given some of the recent announcements, this is a great time for our readers to get an update from management on some of the company's developments and new initiatives.


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Deer Horn Capital Inc. (DHC:CSE) 


Current Price: $0.21 (coverage commenced April 10/18 - $0.17)



April 10, 2019




Deer Horn Capital Inc. will partner with first nation mineral exploration entrepreneur Allen Edzerza to explore highly prospective areas of Northern British Columbia. Deer Horn, which will hold 49 per cent of the venture, was invited to participate in Newco as part of Deer Horn's mission to find solutions for a more sustainable future by partnering with first nations groups and building long-term co-operation and relationships.


Tyrone Docherty, Deer Horn's president and chief executive officer, stated: "A key mandate of this venture is that Newco will further the vision of Mr. Edzerza, whereby first nations will achieve social and economic independence through the exercise of their inherent rights and title to mineral resources in their ancestral lands. They are to have full participation in the decision making, management processes and economic benefits associated with exploration, development and production."


Mr. Edzerza brings to the venture extensive historical knowledge and an intimate understanding of inherent rights, aboriginal title and exploration policies of British Columbia first nations. Mr. Edzerza is an elder from the T'Logodena Wolf Clan of the Tahltan Nation with 50 years of mineral exploration experience and insights in Northern British Columbia. He has served in various capacities with first nations, and in first nations organizations, governments and industry. Under the partnership agreement, Deer Horn will provide western science technical support and logistics for prospecting, exploration, permitting and financing.


Mr. Edzerza served with former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell as special adviser on aboriginal issues. In this capacity, Mr. Edzerza assisted the Province to foster a better working relationship with first nations by improving communications and co-ordination between the Province and first nations. Mr. Edzerza's passion for improving the economic well-being of first nations is well known in the exploration and mining sector. He started his career at the Faro mine in the Yukon, has run a placer mining company, and has served as a lead and chief negotiator on numerous natural resource files for 30 years advising first nations governments and the governments of Canada and Yukon. Mr. Edzerza is also a celebrated artist with works displayed from Switzerland to Vancouver.


"This exciting and unprecedented opportunity aligns perfectly with our purpose and values," said Mr. Docherty. "We are most grateful for the invitation to participate with Mr. Edzerza, and we're honoured to help further his goal for B.C. first nations to explore and develop resources that will ultimately benefit first nations and, by extension, the public government and citizens of B.C. A fundamental tenet of Deer Horn has been to grow through partnership and stewardship, especially with first nations, and this venture provides us vast opportunities for both while working closely with first nations and local communities to promote local and regional economic participation."


The lands to be explored by Newco lie east of B.C.'s Golden Triangle mineral region in a large area hosting Kutcho's copper-zinc project and Coeur Mining's Silvertip silver-lead-zinc mine. The Golden Triangle has generated discoveries totalling more than 130 million ounces of gold, 800 million ounces of silver and 40 billion pounds of copper. It has also hosted some of the world's richest mines, including the historic Eskay Creek (Canada's highest-grade gold mine and world's fifth-largest silver producer) and Snip mines, the currently operating Red Chris gold-copper mine developed, and recently sold, by Imperial Metals and Pretium Resources' Brucejack gold-silver mine.


Retreating glaciers, much-improved infrastructure and better geological knowledge have contributed to a resurgence of interest, staking and discoveries in the Golden Triangle region, factors that are directly applicable to Newco's area of interest.


"The grounds we plan to explore hold exceptional potential for the discovery of a broad range of metals," said Mr. Docherty. "One of our strategies in working with Mr. Edzerza and first nations groups is to build Newco into a project generator in Northern B.C. that can bring social and economic benefits to local first nations."


Deer Horn's vision has been to explore for, and develop, metals vital to a low-carbon economy, as well as for emerging technologies related to information processing and the advancement of clean energy, clean technology and fresh water.


"This new venture adds significant opportunities for us to explore for other metals including gold, zinc, molybdenum, platinum group metals and nickel," said Mr. Docherty. "This region has also produced significant porphyry-type deposits for copper, gold and silver."


Initial work by Newco is expected to take place this summer. Prior to staking lands with potential mineral targets, Deer Horn will seek the consent of first nations for exploration activity. Deer Horn proudly adheres to and supports the principles and rights set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Deer Horn will be releasing more information on this exciting venture as plans for the summer program develop.




April 4, 2019




Deer Horn Capital Inc. has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Fenix Advanced Materials of Trail, B.C., for potential future tellurium extraction and purification and other synergies to achieve a vertically integrated enterprise for cleantech metals.


Fenix Advanced Materials is a clean technology company specializing in the manufacture of ultrahigh-purity (UHP) metals. The company sells a variety of UHP metals for use in solar energy, telecommunications and infrared applications for commercial and military use. Fenix is one of the very few companies in the world achieving six nines (99.9999 per cent) and even seven nines (99.99999 per cent) purity in its metal products.


"Tellurium is extremely important to our vision and strategy going forward," said Fenix chief executive officer Don Freschi. "We see a significant increase in tellurium demand long term, which is why we're partnering with a number of universities and organizations for research, extraction and processing for technologies in our pipeline that require ultrahigh-purity tellurium and other critical metals. The Deer Horn gold-silver-tellurium property, along with the Deer Horn's technical team, offers us a strategic potential domestic supplier of tellurium located within the same province."


Current strategic partners with Fenix include Teck Metals, the University of British Columbia and Redlen Technologies of Victoria, B.C. The company anticipates international partnerships in education, research, mining and critical metals processing in the coming year.


Deer Horn president and chief executive officer Tyrone Docherty said: "The Fenix partnership represents a key piece of the foundation we're building for an integrated, critical metals enterprise. We're thrilled to join the roster of exceptional strategic partners Fenix has assembled to make this happen, and we look forward to engaging with them. Going forward, we expect to announce other partnerships as part of our long-term vision and strategy to supply critical metals for clean technology and a low-carbon economy."


Mr. Docherty added that Deer Horn's strategy is based largely on the long-term outlook for tellurium and other critical metals. "As the world turns to technology for growth and for solving the planet's most serious challenges, we know that dependable supplies of critical metals, of which the Deer Horn property is known to contain at least three, will become essential."


Fortis Metals, the world's leading producer of minor metals, recently forecast a tellurium supply deficit that, "as of 2020 could be as big as a staggering 370 metric tonnes." Noting the rapidly growing use of tellurium for thin-film solar panels, Fortis stated: "At the moment, we are still seeing (tellurium) inventories in China but these are being eaten away by the two main suppliers of First Solar (the world's largest thin-film solar manufacturer). It is only a matter of time before the market will understand the new dynamics and prices will start to reflect the growing deficit. We would not be surprised to see prices break the previous record seen in 2011."


"I think the world is beginning to recognize the importance of stable and domestic supplies of critical metals, especially the very rare metals like tellurium," said Mr. Docherty. "We are preparing to help meet that need."


QIS CAPITAL: These two announcements represent some very exciting new developments for Deer Horn Capital. The company is building a strong foundation of partnerships to develop a profitable and sustainable critical and precious metal organization. Deer Horn is partnering with highly respected and world renowned individuals and corporation which will raise the profile of the company as it delivers on its business plan.


Conference Call - We are hoping to put together a conference call with Deer Horn Capital (DHC:CSE) management on Tuesday, April 23rd at 3:00EST (12:00PST). Please email if you are interested in joining this call as it will only be held if a minimum number of participants register. Given some of the recent announcements, this is a great time for our readers to get an update from management on some of the company's developments and new initiatives



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