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QIS Update #8 - 2018 - Deer Horn Capital 2018 Exploration Plans and Newlox Gold Ventures Pours More Gold - May 18th 2018

Included in this update:

- California to Require Solar Panels on New Homes Starting in 2020

- Deer Horn’s Updated PEA, Exploration Plans for 2018 (DHC:CSE)

- Newlox Gold continues to pour gold in Central America (LUX:CSE)


We are expecting NTG Clarity Network's Q1 financial and operating results either late next week or early the following week.  With all of the cost cutting measures in place for the full quarter we are expecting positive financial results.


Please feel free to email us anytime at or call us at (250) 377-1182. We look forward to your comments, questions, and feedback.



Deer Horn Capital Inc. (DHC:CSE) 


Current Price: $0.30 (coverage commenced April 10/18 - $0.17)



California to Require Solar Panels on New Homes Starting in 2020


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deer Horn Capital Inc. (CSE:DHC) (the “Company” or “Deer Horn”), reports that the California Energy Commission mandated last week that most new homes built in the state after January 1, 2020 will require solar panels. The move is part of the state’s effort to cut carbon emissions 40 percent by 2030.


“This legislation in California is indicative of a worldwide trend towards increasing use of solar energy,” said Tyrone Docherty, President and CEO of Deer Horn Capital. “Because the manufacture of solar panels requires silver in varying amounts, and cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar panels also require tellurium, this trend represents a positive development for exploration of our Deer Horn property, which contains both metals.”


Solar panels based on CdTe are the first and only thin film photovoltaic (PV) technology to surpass crystalline silicon PV in economy for a significant portion of the PV market, namely in multi-kilowatt systems. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, CdTe photovoltaic is growing rapidly in acceptance and now represents the second most utilized solar cell material in the world. The first is still silicon.


“Our vision is to turn Deer Horn into Canada’s first silver-gold-tellurium mine,” added Mr. Docherty. “As technology continues to advance worldwide, particularly for solar panels, we believe the demand for silver and tellurium will continue to grow. Certainly this mandate by California Energy Commission lends support to our vision.”


As reported earlier this week, Deer Horn expects to have an updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) completed for the Deer Horn silver-gold-tellurium property by the e nd of May. The Deer Horn property is located in north-central British Columbia, 36 kilometers south of Imperial Metals’ Huckleberry copper-molybdenum mine. The updated PEA for Deer Horn, prepared by Moose Mountain Technical Services of Cranbrook, BC, will be based on current metals prices and will include other revised parameters.



Deer Horn’s Updated PEA, Exploration Plans for 2018


To Our Shareholders:


We have come through a long, diligent process of rebuilding over the past year or so, and I’m very excited to report significant progress towards two of our key objectives for 2018:


(1) Completing the updated Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for our Deer Horn silver-gold-tellurium project in north-central British Columbia, and;

(2) Getting crews back on the property for the upcoming exploration season

With financings and debt settlements completed earlier this year, we are now positioned to move ahead with these important objectives.


Updated PEA Expected in Coming Weeks


We expect to have the updated PEA available for public distribution before the end of May. The new report, prepared by Moose Mountain Technical Services of Cranbrook, BC, will be based on current metals prices and will include other revised parameters that we believe will help us better understand the property’s potential for mining.


Working Towards our Vision


Our vision is to turn the Deer Horn Project into Canada’s first silver-gold-tellurium mine, helping supply important metals for clean energy and other rapidly-advancing technologies including communication, transportation, energy storage, digital storage/memory and electronics. As technology continues to advance worldwide, particularly for solar panels, the demand for tellurium and silver continues to grow.

Other Metals at Deer Horn


The Deer Horn Project is remarkable for its polymetallic properties. In addition to silver, gold and tellurium, the property also contains copper, tungsten, bismuth, zinc, molybdenum and lead. The most abundant metals identified to date besides silver and gold and tellurium are tungsten and copper. Prospecting at Deer Horn in 2012 identified new showings indicative of a buried copper porphyry system. This new potential adds further exploration value to the property.


Technical reports for Deer Horn have recommended that further exploration is warranted for all the property’s additional metals.


The updated Preliminary Economic Assessment is being prepared under the supervision of Tracey Meintjes, P.Eng., a consultant to Deer Horn Capital who is a qualified person within the context of NI 43-101, and has reviewed and approved the technical data in this document.


QIS CAPITAL: First of all congratulations to all of our readers who purchased shares in Deer Horn when we introduced the private placement at $0.10 last month (already a triple!) as well as those who purchased shares in the open market when the company was introduced by QIS Capital just over a month ago at $0.17.  The market for Deer Horn's shares is very tight with very little public float so the increasing demand has pushed the share value considerably higher.


The upcoming Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) is a really big event for Deer Horn as it will lay out the economic opportunity for Deer Horn using current metals pricing and costs.  Due in particular to much higher tellurium prices than when the original PEA was published, we are expecting to see a much shorter payback period along with a much stronger economic assessment.  The updated PEA should be available in the next few weeks.



Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (LUX:CSE) 


Current Price: $0.06 (coverage commenced Mar. 31/14 - $0.05)


Vancouver, BC, 17 May 2018 - Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (“Newlox” or the “Company”) (CSE: LUX | Frankfurt: NGO) is pleased to announce continued pouring of gold doré at its remediation and precious metals recovery facility in Central America following the announcement of an inaugural pour of gold doré on April 23, 2018. 


The inaugural pour represented a major milestone for the Company as it was the culmination of successful testing of the Company’s specialized three-stage tailings reprocessing system. The plant is now operating satisfactorily with Newlox’s operations team focusing on increasing daily volume of throughput and achieving optimum tailings remediation efficiency and gold recovery. Management expects to achieve increasing yields week-over-week as the operations team advance towards targeted metals recovery levels.


Establishment of continuous operations and doré recovery represents a major accomplishment for the Company. Sustained operation of all the processing plant’s circuits is generating significant daily data from testing at the Company’s on-site atomic absorption spectroscopy laboratory. This will expedite procedural adjustments by the Company's engineering team, with the goal of reaching optimal efficiency.


Additionally, regular recovery of precious metals doré should provide the company with operational revenue to support Newlox’s ongoing business objectives. The Company's relationships with several local and international precious metals buyers as well as a major refinery in the United States facilitates the efficient sale of doré.


Ryan Jackson, President of Newlox Gold comments:


“Pouring of Newlox’s inaugural gold doré bar was a major milestone for the Company. This event also marked a paradigm shift of focus from development-stage activities to commercial operations. Pouring of precious metals doré can now occur regularly as our operations team increase throughput and efficiency performance week-over-week.”


QIS CAPITAL: We are very pleased with the continuing improvement for Newlox and its gold operations.  We have been in constant contact with management and have personally toured the concentration facility and benficiation plan in Costa Rica and Nicaragua respectively.  We continue to like the business case but have been frustrated for several years with implementation either as a result of constrained operations due to working capital, equipment failure, or methodology.  We are now seeing positive weekly improvements in recovery and production.  We expect that Newlox will wait until there is a monthly history of production before providing more detail on recovery and revenue rates.  Anyway- we are on a positive trend and we expect this to continue moving forward.



The corporate information provided in this report is for informational purposes only. While every effort has been taken to provide accurate information, the completeness or accuracy of such information is not guaranteed. Certain statements in this report may constitute “forward looking” statements which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the company, or industry results, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward looking statements. The company profiled assumes no liability for the information presented. The information contained in this report should not be construed as offering investment advice. Those seeking direct investment advice should consult a qualified, registered, investment professional. This is not a direct or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities. Readers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to considering buying or selling any stock. Trading accounts, including personal, family and corporate accounts, under the control of QIS Capital management currently hold 200,000 shares of Deer Horn Capital Inc. and 4,569,398 shares and 833,472 warrants of Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. QIS Capital is engaged in an advertising agreement with Deer Horn Capital Inc. and may trade the company’s common shares. No stock exchange has approved or disapproved of the information contained herein. Copyright ©2018, QIS Capital Corporation.




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