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QIS Update #8 - 2019 - NTG Clarity Networks and Deer Horn Capital sign agreements - May 14th 2019

Included in this update:

- NTG Clarity signs partnership agreement to launch Stage Software for 3 rd (third) sector organizations

- Deer Horn Partner signs agreement with major US based non-governmental organization 



We are starting to see a number of TSX Venture listed companies coming out with Q1 results this week. This should continue through the end of the month.  We continue to struggle to find fundamentally undervalued companies as small-caps simply aren't turning as much profit as before, many companies have turned toward revenue growth rather than profitability, or companies that are making money are trading at extremely high multiples. We will likely need to see a pretty significant market correction before investors turn back toward fundamentals.


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NTG Clarity Networks Inc. (NCI:TSX-V) 


Current Price: $0.04 (coverage commenced Feb. 4/10 - $0.045)




NTG Clarity Networks Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with a third sector company in the Gulf area to customize NTG's Stage Enterprise Management software for the 3 rd Sector.


3 rd (third) Sector organizations is a term used to describe the range of organizations that are neither public sector nor private sector. It includes voluntary and community organizations (both registered charities and other organizations such as associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.


3 rd Sector assets in the Gulf area are estimated to be in the Trillions of dollars. One of the major challenges for the management of any Charity organization in the Gulf area is to have a complete integrated solution that manages the assets, donations, charitable spending and charitable projects. There are hundreds of organizations that manage the donations and thousands that manage the charity work and the providing of services. Stage 3rdS, developed by NTG Clarity, will be a fully integrated solution that provides the crucial link between these organizations and will give them total control and governance over their activities and initiatives through a powerful Dashboard.


"Stage 3rdS is the decisive solution for the 3 rd Sector," stated Kristine Lewis, NTG Clarity's President. "The software solution that is based on the Stage EM engine is innovative, cost effective and in high demand by charity organizations. We look forward to working with our partner's extensive experience with the charities in the Gulf area, to produce the optimum product and market it to their network of charities."


Stage 3rdS will be cloud enabled and support integration through standard interfaces and will provide connectivity to other modules such as Asset Management, ERP, HRS and other applications.


QIS CAPITAL: The customization of NTG's Stage Enterprise Management Software for the 3 rd Sector is another new revenue source for NTG Clarity and with new sales partnerships, the company should be able to bring this to market fairly quickly. NTG Clarity has been getting some much needed momentum recently with new partnership agreements, new contracts, new software, and we expect to see Q1 financials likely next week sometime.



Deer Horn Capital Inc. (DHC:CSE) 


Current Price: $0.20 (coverage commenced Apr. 10/18 - $0.17)




Deer Horn Capital Inc.'s first nations partner Cheona Metals Inc. (49 per cent Deer Horn, 51 per cent Cheona, formerly Newco as announced in Deer Horn's April 10 news release) has concluded an agreement with a major, U.S.-based environmental and social NGO (non-governmental organization) to target historical placer gold mine sites for re-mining and restoration of fish habitat using sustainable techniques in British Columbia and Yukon. This region of Canada is renowned for its globally significant habitat for salmon and other anadromous fish species.


Deer Horn, Cheona Metals and the NGO will work with First Nations, miners, communities, conservationists, agencies, restoration experts and others to produce gold that tells a positive story in the marketplace and demonstrates the value of restoration.


"We will provide more details on this landmark agreement when we have clearance to do so," said Deer Horn President and CEO Tyrone Docherty. "However, with the agreement in place and funds advanced to Cheona to begin the process of identifying potential sources of placer gold, we are able, and obligated, to announce preliminary information."


Gold produced from the re-mining and restoration operations will then enter the electronics and jewelry supply chains. This sourcing initiative is part of a larger, multi-agency effort to facilitate increased responsible sourcing from smaller mines while contributing to improved social and environmental performance of the small-scale mining sectors.


"We applaud this support for sustainable, small-scale mining," said Docherty. "The agreement also aligns perfectly with our mission to build a new revenue model for the junior resource industry by partnering with industry and NGO leaders in critical and strategic metals extraction, manufacturing, supply and research as well as with relevant governmental and educational institutions. It goes a long way towards furthering our vision of helping companies and organizations find solutions for a more sustainable future."


Further details will be released soon.




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