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The Small-Cap Conference:

Vancouver - November 6, 2014





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The Small-Cap Conference 2013


Feature Companies

 California Nanotechnologies Corp. (CNO:TSX-V)
Current Price: $0.13 (July 9/14)


Canadian Small Caps


Company Snapshot



California Nanotechnologies Corp. (Cal Nano) is engaged in the development, processing, marketing and sale of nano-structured components and materials.  These materials are used in products within a number of industries including natural resource development, sports and recreation, consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, as well as the automotive and medical sectors.


While Cal Nano has yet to turn the corner on profitability, the company is laying the groundwork necessary to ramp up sales, especially within the oil & gas sector.  As the new equipment is added using the funds from a recently completed financing, sales can be expected to increase accordingly and result in significant growth during the fiscal year ending February 28, 2015.


Corporate Presentation:


                                QXP Presentation



Canadian Small Caps
Canadian Small Caps