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The Small-Cap Conference 2015


Feature Companies

Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. (QXP:TSX-V) 
Current Price: $0.16 (Mar. 16/16)


Canadian Small Caps


Company Snapshot



Quattro Exploration and Production Ltd. is a Canadian junior oil and gas company focused on the exploration and development of resource properties in Western Canada and Guatemala.


Quattro is currently operating in three core regions in western Canada, two with active production; NE British Columbia and East Central Alberta; and one developing operation in SW Saskatchewan.  The company also holds an interest in approximately 320,000 acres of land in the Petén Basin of Guatemala. Quattro currently operates 8 facilities in Canada as well as 300 kilometers of active pipelines.


Quattro announced a current production rate of 2,040 boe/d in early March 2016 representing a 29% increase over the 1,580 boe/d reported at September 30, 2015.  


While annual 2015 results are not due out until April 2016, it should be noted that the company’s cash flow for the nine months ended September 30, 2015 was $0.07 per share and QXP is trading at just 1.7X annualized 9-month cash flow.


Corporate Presentation:


       QXP Pres


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Canadian Small Caps
Canadian Small Caps